“Blue hearts” is a space of containment

“Blue hearts” is a space of containment

Feb 9, 2021 – 01:02
It is a group of parents who accompany the families of children with autism and work to spread and raise awareness.

At the Beagle Channel Community Integration Center (CIC), the mothers who form Corazones Azules TEA, a space for inclusion and integration, work for the development and learning of people with autism and their families.

They meet Monday through Friday at the Beagle Channel Community Integration Center (CIC) in Palala.

Although there are many steps to move forward in adhering to new laws that protect and support growth and knowledge about autism, the mothers who make up this supportive inclusion group have made many milestones in this regard.

Through comprehensive, informative walking tours and other ASD outreach and promotion activities, they have been able to establish in the community thinking about the role of opportunity for a more friendly and compassionate community.

It should be noted that they have fulfilled the interest of the International Rotary Organization “Corazones de Acero”, which, through the efforts of its president, Susanna Hebe Caligo, has succeeded in persuading families to obtain cards for their children. This achievement allows materials used in other provinces to reach the hands of the families that make up this fun group in Steel City.

Containing families

“This space provides inclusion and a light of hope for the families of the foundation,” said Antonia Coronel, a reference for “Corazones Azules”, and thanked the entities, merchants and local officials cooperating “for their interest and commitment. In every work.”

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He indicated that they carry out their activities with great dedication, from Monday to Friday, in the Canal de Bijel neighborhood.

Not long ago, he learned about the need for Palala Hospital in terms of professionals in the region to diagnose children in a timely manner, a situation that has become more acute with the epidemic.

The truth is that there are many laws the county has to abide by and there is a noticeable need to pin the problem onto the agendas in order to clarify the needs of the many children who have already been diagnosed and others whose parents still cannot obtain them.

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