Boca Juniors beat Alway Reddy 2-0 in the Copa Libertadores Cup

Boca Juniors beat Alway Reddy 2-0 in the Copa Libertadores Cup

Boca Juniors beat Alway Ready 1-0 on Tuesday Boliviano and pressed Group E of the Copa Libertadores 2022. With as much Darius BenedettoThe xeneize team drew with Deportivo Cali, who play Wednesday at the home of the Corinthians.

The fight was very locked in the first part. Although the locals took control of the game, the visit did not give them a place. Some Attitudes and Many Accidents at La Bombonera.

It is worth remembering that this crossing had a good Colombian presence. Frank Fabra and Alex Ramball were the starting players in Boca and always ready, respectively, while Gustavo Torres, Mauricio Cortez Armoro and Elkin Blanco joined the Bolivian team. Jorman Campusano stayed on the bench of substitutes.

The first big scoring opportunity ended at the start of the score, even though the homeowner was approaching fourth with a shot scored by Xiquel Jepalos within that area. At 25’s, Jepalos won again from the left, Ramball could not avoid his low center and Tario Benedetto pushed the ball..

And when the first part seemed to end without major changes, it made the commitment tense. In the 45th minute, Alway Reddy got a low player as Fabra was kicked in the face due to a direct red card against Rodrigo Ramallo.. This then led to a fight between the two team players.

The second 45 minutes started with a great innovation in Boca, with 19-year-old Leandro Bray making his debut at Libertadores as Augustin Rossi was unable to continue due to injury.

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With the extra man, the xeneize group was dispatched at will and without much resistance. Of course, danger was never seen on the Bolivian arch. Lots of possessions, small, almost nothing, performance.

At 56 ‘, Eduardo Salvio had a double chance to increase the difference. Both opportunities came from the aerial game: first, a precision hub from Fabra and a title shepherding the post; Second, a corner kick and a good header were saved by goalkeeper Arnoldo Kimines.

After 80 minutes, Columbus Cortes and Torres arrived to renew the attack, but they were unable to do so.

In the last breath, Benedetto used Oscar Romero’s right corner kick, and with a cross shot he ended his doubles and final 2-0.. Three points in the pocket and a consistent goal difference (0).

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