Boeing's Starliner is ready for its historic first crewed flight to the International Space Station

Boeing's Starliner is ready for its historic first crewed flight to the International Space Station
Boeing's Starliner capsule is ready for its manned debut, overcoming delays. (EFE/EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich)

After years of delays and a budget that went over a billion dollars over budget, Capsule Starliner of Boeing ready for its first manned flight International Space Station (ISS)It marks an important moment for the company and the company Pot.

It was the first manned flight of a capsule StarlinerThere are two pilots US space agency During their one-week stay at the station, they will carry out critical testing of the vehicle. This work seeks to demonstrate an alternative to what already works Team Dragon of SpaceXIt has sent 50 astronauts, astronauts and civilians into space on 13 manned flights since May 2020.

Unlike SpaceX, Boeing A number of technical issues were encountered that required extensive rework and additional unmanned testing to resolve. However, mission managers assure that all known problems have been fixed and the spacecraft has undergone several upgrades and thorough tests to verify its ability to safely carry astronauts into space. ISS.

A Starliner crewed demonstration mission will launch from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. (REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

Crew demonstration mission Scheduled to launch overnight on Monday, May 6, it marks a pivotal moment for both Boeing as PotWith the expectation of changing future trips in between Boeing And SpaceX, As confirmed by the news agency Associated Press.

Led by astronauts StarlinerBoth Navy test pilots and astronauts express confidence in the mission. Barry “Butch” WilmoreThe commander of the mission said he had “Full reliance on management to make decisions…that is a thing of the past. It is not now”.

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For her part, co-pilot Sunita Williams Highlighting the learning gained from previous experiences, “We don't say we're ready if we're not ready.”. Start is scheduled Cape Canaveral Space Force StationAstronauts launch themselves using rockets for the first time Atlas From the last task mercury 60 years ago, he published CBS News.

Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunita Williams expressed confidence in the ship and the decisions of the Boeing management team. (REUTERS/Joe Skipper)

Atlas 5The first stage is equipped with an engine RD-180 Built in Russia, it is qualified for manned flights, notable for its highly reliable components and an advanced emergency failure detection system designed for safe escape in case of imminent failure during launch.

Additionally, Starliner It has powerful apart motors and systems that allow Wilmore And WilliamsManually trigger an abort if required, as well as provide direct manual control during launch or in-orbit problems.

The plane Starliner It's not just an achievement Boeing But more Business team plan of PotAfter the Space Shuttle was retired, the contracts were set aside SpaceX And Boeing With the aim of resuming the launch of US astronauts from US soil and ensuring unwarranted access ISS.

Innovation and Safety: The Atlas 5 and its RD-180 engine are ready for human flight. (EFE/John Grant/Boeing)

when SpaceX Achieved the goals of successfully flying astronauts into space, Boeing This work seeks to demonstrate that it is capable of fulfilling the same commitment. The success of this mission will not only justify the investment Boeing Over a billion dollars to overcome the technical hurdles it faces but will cement its position as a key participant in the future of human spaceflight.

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Assuming the launch and mission went smoothly, Wilmore And Williams With mostly automatic meeting supervision ISSDemonstrates the craft's ability to execute the required flight path and intervene after a major failure if necessary.

It is expected that Starliner Landing on the ground, using parachutes and airbags to soften the impact, is a distinguishing feature. Team Dragon of SpaceX. This landing is scheduled White Sands Spaceport Inside New MexicoSubject to favorable weather conditions.

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