Eight generating units out of service and power outages do not give a truce on Sunday in Cuba

Eight generating units out of service and power outages do not give a truce on Sunday in Cuba

the situation Blackouts In Cuba, things got worse on SundayThis comes after a week of increasing interruptions due to fuel shortages and continued entry and exit service to power stations, in addition to high consumption.

Good With the state Electricity Union (UNE), after a Saturday with a maximum impact of 716 megawatts and a power outage due to the generation deficit between 6:30 a.m. that day and 2:06 a.m. Sunday, the weekend couldn't be better.

The maximum expected deficit for today is 700 MW During the afternoon rush hour. Since dawn, electricity generation has not covered the demand: the national system had 2,025 MW at that time, but despite it being a holiday, it did not meet the national demand of 2,100 MW, which at night reaches 2,850 MW. .

Aside from the fuel shortage, which is the reason behind stopping production of 224 megawatts, There are eight generating units outside the systemUNE noted.

The fifth unit of the Diez de October thermal power plant, in Nuivetas, is out of service; 6 by Máximo Gomez from Mariel; 3 in Santa Cruz del Norte, and 2 in Felton, Holguin. Unit 6 of Energas Jaruco is under maintenance; 1 from Santa Cruz del Norte; 6 in Nuevitas and 8 in Mariel.

Due to fuel shortages, 29 distributed generating stations stopped workingwhich typically provides coverage for national generation during times of peak demand.

After a month in April without major power outages – as occurred in March – thanks primarily to the fact that plants with higher generating capacity did not suffer failures and the arrival of three shipments of oil from Russia to Cuba, May threatens to return to suffering blackouts.

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At the end of last month, only three oil ships from Venezuela arrived at Cuban ports, while oil shipments from Russia had stopped.

In this scenario, after at least three weeks of stabilization in Cuba's electricity generation, the state-run electricity union reported last Thursday that fuel shortages prevented 300 megawatts of generation from being generated during the day. On that day, the declared generation deficit was 595 megawatts.

The situation prompted electricity companies in the governorate to redeploy their program for daily power outages in circuits, with outages lasting about three hours.

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