Bolsonaro closed an alliance with the bloc that dominates Brazil’s parliament while the Supreme Court ordered an investigation

Bolsonaro closed an alliance with the bloc that dominates Brazil’s parliament while the Supreme Court ordered an investigation
Brazilian judge Alexandre de Moraes (Photo: EFE)

Justice of the Peace Supreme court Brazil, Alexandre de Moraes, this Wednesday included the president good Bolsonaro Among those investigated in The process of spreading false news threatens democracy.

The court itself informed of the judge’s decision, which responded to his request Supreme Electoral Court Earthed (TSE) The far-right leader’s smear campaign against electronic ballot boxes used in elections in Brazil for more than two decades.

The investigation into which Bolsonaro was included has begun 2019 limited to spread fake news Online, but two months ago he began to focus on the potential presence of those who were classified as groups”digital anti-democracyMostly from the far right led by the ruler.

Jair Bolsonaro with Ciro Nogueira (Photo: Reuters)
Jair Bolsonaro with Ciro Nogueira (Photo: Reuters)

Meanwhile, the Brazilian president was sworn in by the senator on Wednesday siro nut Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, the most important position in the government, and Thus, he sealed his new alliance with the moderate right, which controls Parliament.

The arrival of Cerro Nogueira into the government is proof that we want to deepen our relationship with CongressSince “the executive and the legislative power must be one,” the leader of the far right declared, so far, his rejection of many of the more moderate forces represented by the new minister.

Nogueira, in turn, admitted that he held the most influential position in the government at the time “Difficulties, extremism and a lot of criticismAnd when the world is tough, the economy, the reality, the people, Brazil and Politics is tough.”

The Brazilian Parliament (Photo: EFE)
The Brazilian Parliament (Photo: EFE)

In a far from radical message that Bolsonaro usually directs himself, Nogueira said:There is no left or right vocabulary“Other”The problems that Brazil has to faceDetermined for the good of society as a whole.

He also indicated that one of the tasks of the government now is “Leading the country to elections“Scheduled in October 2022 and do so”correctlyWithout any reference to the doubts that Bolsonaro himself has planted about the country’s electronic voting system, According to the governor, he encourages cheating, although he did not provide evidence to support this statement.

Nogueira replaces the reserve general in this position Luis Eduardo RamosAnd who happened to fill the presidential secretariat instead of Onyx LorenzoniWho in turn took over the Ministry of Labor that Bolsonaro disappeared He decided to restart work in the midst of this new ministerial reform.

From his new position, Nogueira will control all sources of power, since his position He is a kind of prime minister who has a direct influence on the rest of the ministries.

Nogueira heads the Progressive Party (PP), one of the most influential forces in the so-called “Cintron‘, a variety of formations from the middle that’s true It controlled Parliament for three decades, and since then has been involved in all the governments that were in the country, including the most progressive ones.

The “centre” parties secured power at various times during the administrations of former presidents Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2003), Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2011) and Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) and They were also key in the latter’s downfall, which they gave up to support his dismissal.

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When Bolsonaro took power in January 2019He did so without relying on that group which he described as “old politics‘Even linked corruption, but in the middle of last year, When his popularity began to decline, he gave up and began giving him places in the government.

The president’s main goal was with this movement, which was publicly acknowledged by some members of the government He blocked the way for about 120 impeachment requests attempted by the opposition in the House of Representatives, which takes a decision on it and is controlled by the “Centre”.

(With information from EFE)

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