“Mathematically we have to look forward to more”

“Mathematically we have to look forward to more”

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Tour has arrived at Caporo Club to speak with Andres “Casho” Jones, who will once again be in charge of the Red and Black team.

How is your coaching staff made up?

This year, unlike other years, as it usually happens on the economic side, we had to be alone, we could not count on Manuel Castro as a technical assistant like last year, but on the other hand, despite our lack of availability, we have an important milestone for Us.growth and this year gives us an extra advantage we didn’t have.

What is the importance of continuing to lead the club?

This will be the third year, it gives me important knowledge, looking for different alternatives and situations to see if we can grow once and for all because we are already at a point where we have to strive for sporting growth to try to empower the club.

How did you achieve this growth knowing that last season was good?

The trophy is a prize and we are enjoying it, but in terms of the sport we have to aspire to more, obviously the idea is to try to improve it from last year.

How is the team prepared?

It’s easy to use, it cost a bit after what back to court was a matter of help because not being a pro makes it very difficult to do extra basketball activities. We haven’t had many practices where we can do 5×5, we have game decisions, but the ones that come in have very good commitment, and we’re looking forward to growth and mind games more than basketball at the moment.

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Do you have any friendly matches?

Yes, we played three friendlies, two with Montevideo and one with Trouville. On the 25th of July we played the second match with Montevideo where I noticed a great development in the offensive game, creating options to be able to convert, something that always cost us a lot, it was always a class in attack that cost us, but we are working on it. Which is very good

How will they compensate for the losses of Analia Martinez and Rosio Mott?

They are undoubtedly important victims, but fortunately we are joined by Florencia Gonzalez, who was a player from the club who did not feature last year and hides his little absence in a very young team.

Will they have an alien?

At first the club asked me if I was interested in coming April and the idea was that the board would get a sponsor and I didn’t get involved in that, I stayed for that, I came to practice and met her on the train, it was a really big surprise for me and the whole group, the only person who knew was Lorena Sabio , who was responsible for the whole movement because in addition to being a player, she is a delegate, she belongs on the board of directors and now also a contractor (laughs). April Ramirez comes from another place, she is active in shooting something that will help us a lot and we have had her since the beginning of the year, hopefully we can improve that result and attitudes according to the last year.

How is Jones’ project against the Capurro women’s team?

I am very interested in the idea of ​​the progress of the work, although I am very comfortable, I feel that we are in the stage of wanting to grow, in the beginning we were getting to know each other, and that I passed the ideas and concepts to them so that they could have them. Later, due to different circumstances, last year was a great team, with injuries and a few assists, we didn’t have the growth we wanted so hopefully this year I will be able to give them more. Tools to solve it better and thus achieve the growth we all want.

What is the balance sheet doing?

Now, no matter how much we need to, we are preparing better than last year, at this point in 2020, there was uncertainty as to when we would play, so it wasn’t a big deal to have a team of 15 players with a lot of variety in The game, the lack of the game and too technically diverse what it cost us in terms of group situations. This year, it didn’t happen to us and from this place we got better, and we are fortunate to have been able to give them more tools and game concepts.

What are the club’s goals for this season?

To improve last year and raise the bar, we obviously won’t be able to beat champions Malvin and Defensor Sporting, but at least we’ll narrow that gap between one team and another. We have to expand the team to have a better rotation, to maintain a certain intensity to precisely neutralize the opponent a little bit and be as competitive as possible.

What do you think of the conflict model?

It seems so barbaric to me I totally share though there are people who complain that there are games with huge differences between teams it’s good to share with everyone and measure that bar if we evolve when we have to face those teams that decided the championship last year see what If we raise the level. Later in the second half, go to compete with those at our level and look for the best possible results.

What do you think of the spread of women’s basketball?

The spread is really massive, it’s barbaric, the growth is remarkable, the knowledge of people not being fully integrated through TV, social networks and websites.

What message do you leave for Kaburu fans?

Let them know that we work with the goal of collective and individual growth, and I hope we can deliver results with all of this.

Will Andres Jones play the next DTA?

I might play, I really don’t know yet, I enjoy basketball, and it doesn’t bother me going to training, I had a great time. I get hungry sometimes, but I really understand the clubs to see what they will do. I want to play, but I won’t warm up if it’s not my turn and I also know that at some point I have to head over and see if I’m ready for it. Although I want to play, if tomorrow’s cadre calls me for guidance, I’ll rate it.

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