Bolsonaro’s twist in hospital: They removed a nasogastric tube

Bolsonaro’s twist in hospital: They removed a nasogastric tube

(CNN) – The Villa Nova Star Hospital in Sao Paulo, where the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was admitted, reported this Tuesday that intestinal obstruction The one he suffered was “resolved” without the need for surgery.

Hours later, the center reported that Bolsonaro “developed with good acceptance of the liquid diet taken during the day,” for which the nasogastric tube was removed.

The patient’s digestive system shows signs of recovery. At the moment, there are no expectations regarding the discharge,” the memo closes.

The hospital had previously reported that the president had taken a “short walk” in the hall and that he had no fever or abdominal pain. In addition, he added, there is still no final assessment of whether the president will need surgery.

(Credit: Jair Bolsonaro Twitter)

Bolsonaro’s health

President Bolsonaro He was taken to the hospital Monday dawn due to an intestinal blockage.

Bolsonaro suffers from “intestinal fusion,” Sao Paulo’s Villa Nova Star Hospital said in a statement. This is the latest medical issue linked to the 2018 incident in which Bolsonaro was stabbed in the election campaign.

Bolsonaro Post a Tweet In it, he explained that he started feeling bad “after Sunday lunch” and that he arrived at the hospital at 3:00 am on Monday. “I got a nasogastric tube,” he wrote. “Further tests will be done for possible surgery for internal abdominal obstruction.”

Bolsonaro was already hospitalized in July 2021, when doctor Antonio Luiz Macedo found an intestinal obstruction. Macedo was the one who operated on Bolsonaro after he was stabbed in 2018. The president underwent surgery in January 2019 to remove a colon cyst that had been inserted after the stabbing.

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“This is the second time he has been hospitalized with the same symptoms, as a result of a stabbing (September 6, 2018) and four major surgeries,” Bolsonaro wrote in a second tweet.

— Taylor Barnes and Jack Jay of CNN in Atlanta and Marcos Moreno of CNNE in Rio de Janeiro.

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