Different Types of Employee Training Methods That You Need to Know

Different Types of Employee Training Methods That You Need to Know

Training managers need to come up with training courses that fill the skills gaps and help the employees upskill themselves. But, most of the employees are not interested in employee training because of the way it’s been delivered to them. 

In this tech world, there are so many tools that can help to make the training more impactful and engaging. For instance, learning management systems like “Coassemble” helps to create engaging content through various interactive elements and features. Their subscription prices are also very minimal. If you check Coassemble pricing, they offer a free trial and prices are also very affordable. 

However, the usage of software tools alone won’t solve the problem. Managers need to incorporate various elements into the training to make it interesting. One of them is combining different training methods. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of learning methods. Let’s have a look at them.


The most trending learning method currently is eLearning. It has all the content in the form of videos, documents, tests, and quizzes in software where learners can learn with mobiles too. Usually, this software provides cross-device access which generally consists of desktops, mobiles, and tablets. It is one of the most stress-free methods to create for the organizations as all they need to do is create the content and upload it. Learners can also learn at their own pace as they have access to the content all the time.

2)Instructor-led training:

This is the oldest and yet the most widely used method. In this, the instructor teaches the learners in a typical classroom setup. It is the best way to make the sessions interactive as learners and tutors can interact with each other in person and discuss the subject. However, the drawback is the costs involved and you need classroom space and other equipment.

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3)Hands-on training:

This type of learning method gives practical exposure to the employees. It is conducted directly during the job hours where it helps to enhance the skills practically. But It is a highly time-consuming learning method and also requires more learning resources.

4)Interactive learning:

One of the best learning methods that can help the learners to retain the knowledge is interactive learning. With interactive learning, learners can be involved in discussions, forums, quizzes, and simulations. It is an effective approach because everyone gets to be involved in the learning process. It is the best collaborative approach to learning. It can be time-consuming because the learners need feedback from the content expert. 

5)Case studies:

In this method, the employees are presented with a fictional scenario to analyze and use a reference to get the output or the solution. This form of learning requires lots of analysis and research because learners need to be provided with enough data to come up with their solutions. It is an effective way because it develops problem-solving skills, decision-making, and data analysis. This is also a very inexpensive learning method compared to all the other types.


In this learning method, a senior employee is assigned to provide hands-on training and mentoring. This is also an effective approach because learners can interact directly with the trainer and learn for them. Nobody gets unnoticed as one learner is assigned to one tutor or senior employee. This learning method builds relationships between the employees way more than just about the work. 

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To wrap up, there are different types of learning methods you can choose from but you have to choose the one that fits in your budget and aligns with your organization’s goals. There are a few other types of learning like role-playing, social learning, and job shadowing which are less used. So, experiment with a few learning methods to check which suits you best and gets you the desired results. We hope this article helps you to know the different types of learning methods which can be helpful for your employee training.

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