Borgios Monterrey wins women’s basketball classic

Borgios Monterrey wins women’s basketball classic

At home, the team monterey sheep Women’s basketball Beat the tigers yesterday from UANL 67-62 In Borregos Arena.

During the last quarter of the match, which started at 2:00 PM, the team from the Monterrey Campus He was on the scoreboard with 49-46.

But the transition between Karina Esker and captain Alejandra Rovira equalized the match against the visiting team 58-58.

The five minutes added to the match allowed Las Borregas Wins the Women’s Classic Royal Championship Basketball.

Alejandra Delgado coach with Borregos Monterrey.

“When the extra time came, I told the girls that the one who wanted to win was because he would be hungrier, Good decisions and sports strategy. And we made it.

“It’s our first home game. We start with Guadalajara and this is the third match of the season ABE . League (Student Basketball Association)coach, Alejandra Delgado.

In June of this year, the Burgos women’s basketball team faced the Monterey Tigres in Big 8 National Championshipa title won by the UANL team.

“A person who wants to win because she will have good decisions and a sporting strategy. And we have achieved that.” – Alejandra Delgado

sheep union

to have I felt supported From teachers, students, students and EXATEC during the women’s classic basketball game, I went to Karina Esker, who is wearing the number 14 jersey, great emotion.

“I really appreciate you coming. It was crazy. They motivate us a lot as a team and me on a personal level as well. It meant a lot.

“I feel the team is very strong. All the players have a very good level. I feel we are going to break it in the league and thanks to God we win a big eight”said a biomedical engineering student.

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Women’s Basketball coach Borregos Monterrey called Tec . community To continue supporting the team during the upcoming matches of the ABE League.

Karina Esker was part of a crucial match with Captain Alejandra Rovira.

“I want to invite the community to come and watch the matches. There is a very good atmosphere. I thank the people who came (to the match on September 30th).”Delgado noted.

The next match for Borgios Monterrey women will be October 7, 5:30 p.m. against UPAEPin Arena Wellness, in Wellness Center.

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