‘Back!’: Cubans repel Menint’s officers and shout ‘Freedom’ at protests in Havana

‘Back!’: Cubans repel Menint’s officers and shout ‘Freedom’ at protests in Havana

Cubans continued to join on Fridayafter more than 72 hours of power outage, on the mass protests that erupted in Havana a day ago s They moved from demanding the return of electricity to demanding “freedom”.

The demonstrations, which began Thursday in the municipalities of Havana’s Arroyo Narango, El Cerro and Patapano, in Artemisa province, extended on Friday to Pointes Grandes, Guanapacoa, the Pejucal road and the Calabazar district also located in Arroyo Narango. It continued in the communities of Mantilla and La Palma, in that municipality, as well as in Cerro.

In one of these videos, stream to Twitter By activist Felix Lerena, The Cubans shouted two officers of the Ministry of the Interior (Minent) on a motorcycle.

“Go back, go back! Disgusting, shameless,” a woman, supported by the rest of the protesters, attacked at an unspecified location in the post.

In other videos, dozens of Cubans come forward in the dark middle of the night and demand freedom, not an end to the blackout.

“Freedom, freedom, freedom!” , shouting quite clearly, in Video shared on Twitter by the activist for the Miami-based Cuban journalist Mario Benton, who registered, most likely, on Central 31st Street in Vedado, according to users of the social network.

as expected, Internet service system hung againAnd the Just like he did on ThursdayAnd the To prevent other provinces and outside Cuba from learning about the protests. The cut, which did not prevent the broadcast of videos on social networks, affected websites serving the same system, according to verification by the Inventario Data Journalism Project.

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“The internet outage on the night of September 30 in Cuba once again left the country’s sites hosted on national servers inaccessible,” Inventario said in a post on its account. Twitter Accompanied by drawings reflecting the fall of the gate discussionEcuadorRed, the website of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the virtual encyclopedia of the Cuban state.

Although there are no reports so far of arrests or repression by the regime forces against the demonstrators, journalist Jose Raul Gallego posted on his Twitter account. Twitter Images of military trucks transporting citizens in civilian clothes, such as those seen lifting sticks at those who participated in the protests that erupted on July 11, 2021. In different cities of the country. Remember Galician The “combat order” against the Cubans who peacefully demanded “freedom” and an end to communism, issued by Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Journalist Mario Benton reported that he had received reports that in the municipality of Noivitas in the province of Camagüey, the scene of protests against the blackout last August, Cubans also took to the streets, but this has not been verified so far.

However, although the bulk of the demonstrations reported in the past two days took place in Havana, DIARIO DE CUBA was able to confirm that in the early hours of Wednesday at least one protest took place in the neighborhood of El Cocal, in the municipality of Mayarí , in Holguin.

in that county, The Cuban regime began to mobilize and quadruple For all men in uniform, even if they are at rest or sickFearing that citizens will be affected by the manifestations of popular discontent that is taking place in the island’s capital.

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“They came yesterday afternoon to look for my husband, even though he was not working because he was suspected of having dengue fever. They pick up all the police officers, even if it is not their turn and even if they are sick. The wife of a police officer told Diario de Cuba, who preferred, for security reasons. Not revealing details about her identity.

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