Borregos MTY Femenil won the world silver medal in 3×3 basketball

Borregos MTY Femenil won the world silver medal in 3×3 basketball

players Sheep Monterrey, Alejandra Rovira, Dina Gonzalez, Karina Escher, and Miranda Zamora won the silver medal in the World League Basketball 3×3 fisu.

the students They played the final against Chinese Taipei And during the tournament, which was held at the end of October in Turkey, they showed their talent and teamwork.

It represents the fruit of dedication, perseverance and effort that has been worked on for many years..

The most challenging part of the competition was playing against taller, heavier, and more experienced players.Miranda Zamora indicated.

The four students thus capped their 3×3 journey for the year, which began when He won the gold medal at the National Universiade and the Silver at FISU Pan Americanand he International University Sports Federation.

With speed and teamwork

Young women are members Monterey sheep From Women’s basketballSince coming to the competition, they have noticed that their strength will be in moving the ball quickly due to the height of other players, especially from European countries.

There is a lot of height, there were players at 1.90 and 1.87 meters, yes we were the shortest, the same team, but it was very good because we each have our abilitiesRovera said.

Defense was also key, added Dina Gonzalez.

We believe that there is no driving team like us, we have discovered this strength and we know how to take it to the top“, He said.

Borregos Monterrey players rely on speed and defense.

in the group stage, Mexico met my representatives Ukraine and SloveniaBoth The best teams in Europein the quarter-finals of the host turkey And in the semi-finals of Iran.

The final score was 21-12 in favor of the Asians, who played similar to Tec students.

The other teams were bigger and heavier and they were just like us, faster and more playful.Rovera explained.

The most challenging part of the competition was playing against taller and heavier players.” – Miranda Zamora

They celebrate their achievement

Power Represent Mexico and be among the best teams It was something they would never forget, Karina Esker, who had her first World Cup experience, said fisu.

It was a very exciting and emotional thing because sharing the pitch with my three team mates, like my sisters, is very touching and I feel we have a very good relationship.“, He said.

Rovira and González had already competed in the last World Cup, which was held in 2019 in China; For them, it is 3×3 basketball It has become a very important sport.

It’s a much faster game than five on five, there’s less margin for error and it’s a lot of one-on-one skill, but if you know how to combine one-on-one with your other teammates, the magic is doneGonzales said.

This was Miranda Zamora's last tournament as a Borregos Monterrey player.

This World Cup was Miranda Zamora’s last competition as a member of the World Cup Monterey sheep.

Representing Mexico is an achievement I have always dreamed of, it is the culmination of my athletic career as a Tec representative, and one that fills me with great pride and gratitude.The master’s student commented.

They attended the World Cup with their coach Alejandra Delgado, Hebel Zeron, Drboss Sports Exercices From Monterey campus.

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