Boss, Cruise Commands blow over Miami

Boss, Cruise Commands blow over Miami

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA – Rookie Shane Pass 5 won his second straight start with a 2/3 scoreless innings and AL East champions Tampa Bay Race won the Miami Marlins 14th Sweep Series 3-2 on Sunday. Team achievement.

The 22-year-old right-hander of the United States Olympic team, Boss (2-0), allowed three wins and was out for nine. After being called up from the Triple A branch in Durham, he allowed two runs and two hots in the five innings that beat Toronto in his major league debut on September 20.

Nelson Cruz made two runs for the Rays, and on Saturday night they captured their second straight division title and fourth place since 2008. The current AL champions, 97-59, are close to setting the majors ’best record.

Race rookie Vander Franco expanded his game to 41 games for Peru starter Jesus Luzardo in the first inning.

Luzardo (5-9) conceded two runs, two wins and two walks, and took five runs in four innings.

For the Rays, Dominicans Vander Franco 4-2 with two runs, Cruz 3-1 with a pair of RBI, Francisco Mejia 3-0, and Manuel Marcot 3-0. Made Cubans Andy Thias 3-0, and Randy Arosarena 2-1.

For the Marlins, the Dominicans beat Levin Diaz 4-1 and a Reserve Bank, Jesus Sanchez 3-0, and Brian de la Cruz 4-0.

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