Progreso beat Regina abroad and Roca at AP Union Cop

Progreso beat Regina abroad and Roca at AP Union Cop

Last night was organized for the sixth date of the Pre-Federal Basketball Championship, in addition to the victories of Deportivo Roca and Del Progreso against Union Union and Atlético Regina respectively, Independiente de Neuquen maintained their defeat at Plaza Huencol with a victory over Perfora.

In the remaining matches: Pacheveco beat Petrolero Argentino 82 to 69. Club Plottier to Cipolite 77 to 52 and Centro Espanyol to Cinco Saltos 94 to 58.

Progreso continues to show the signs of character with its young roster. At Villa Regina, he took a hard-fought victory over Albo, eventually breaking it and finishing 80-72; In Jimena Baden Deportivo Roca, he clearly beat Unión AP 86 for 51.

The Oranges were a big hit over the weekend, beating Pacifico on Friday.

The only unbeaten player (6 consecutive victories) in the competition was Independiente de Neuquén, who yesterday beat Perfora 73-64 in Barrio Uno de Huencol.

The next appointment will go on Friday, October 1.

Zone 1 Jobs

Pacific, 10 (4-2)

Spanish position, 9 (4-1)

Centennial, 8 (3-2)

Oil, 8 points (3-2)

Deportivo Roca, 8 (3-2)

Five jumps, 6 (1-4)

AP Federation, 5 (0-5)

next date: Centenario vs Centro Español, Cinco Saltos vs Deportivo Roca and Petrolero vs Unión Alem Progresista. Free Pacific

Area 2 . Jobs

Independent, 12 points (6-0)

Del Progreso, 9 (4-1)

Begua, 8 (3-2)

Perfora, 7 (2-3)

Club Plottier, 7 (2-3)

Atletico Regina, 6 (1-4)

Sepoliti, 5 (0-5)

next date: Club Plottier vs Begua, Del Progreso vs Cipolite, Atlético Regina vs Perfora. independent free

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