Brazilian players don’t want to play Copa America in their country

Brazilian players don’t want to play Copa America in their country

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The America’s Cup She is reeling. In the last hours he gained strength from my players Choose Brazil They are more than satisfied that their country has decided to host an exhibition CONMEBOL, since it is one of the Countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic جائحةIt has approached 500,000 deaths from the disease.

Proof of this was an act of rebellion housemorewho refused to attend Thursday’s press conference on the eve of the knockout match between Brazil s Ecuador This Friday, this is what Canarinha DT said, Titi.

Players have a different opinion of the president in the tournament. That is why our captain Casemiro is absent here today.”

Part of the Brazilian players’ annoyance is that the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Rogerio Capoclo, joined the chief Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, to America’s Cup Acceptance In their country in the face of the serious crisis they are going through due to the epidemic.

Uruguay supports Brazil

It turned out that the stars of the Uruguayan national team decided to join the Brazilian players, and they expressed this with their statements to the players. Luis Suarez s Edinson Cavani.

“It’s amazing to be played, Human health should be given priority Not in the football tournament. Suarez, who lent Cavani.

“You have to offer other important things as well. Let’s not forget that it’s a pandemic and that’s a chain. It starts with one thing and then it grows. Manchester United.

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