The European Union closed its airspace to Belarusian aircraft

The European Union closed its airspace to Belarusian aircraft
A Boeing 737-800 belonging to the Belarusian state airline Belavia (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)

EU countries agreed on Friday Banning Belarusian airlines and their aircraft from flying in the air from the Community countries, as well Prevent the flights they operate from reaching their airports.

The council decided today Strengthening existing restrictive measures In view of the situation in Belarus through the imposition of a ban on overflying the airspace of the European Union and on the access of Belarusian companies of all kinds to the airports of the European Union.

So, select EU member states must refuse permission to land, take off or fly over their territory for any aircraft operated by Belarusian airlines, including as a marketing company.

The decision made by the 27 ambassadors will be published on Friday in the “Official Journal” of the European Union, for entry.Valid at 00:00 on June 5‘, select evey community resources.

The Twenty-seven Ambassadors to European Institutions, under the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, adopted “Legal Business“wanted in”record timeThe sources added that to implement this decision, which came in the results reached at the Summit of Heads of State and Government personally held in Brussels on May 24 and 25.

In this way they indicated, “It was possible to translate one of the priority components of the conclusions of the European Council legally, in record time, and perhaps the component that has the greatest political influence in Belarus.“In response to the decision of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to force a Ryanair plane to land at Minsk airport on May 23 to arrest critical journalist Roman Protasevich and his partner.

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The sources added thatWork on the other components of the European Council conclusions is well underwayIn reference to the upcoming sanctions.

Passengers wait in front of the Belavia check-in counters at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, Russia (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)
Passengers wait in front of the Belavia check-in counters at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, Russia (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)

The heads of state and government also agreed at the last summit Expand the list of sanctions against Belarus, including President Lukashenko and his son and advisor Viktor Lukashenko, are prohibited from entering the territory of the group and all their property and assets in the European Union have been frozen.

Although the new names and entities have not yet passed, Brussels said all of these were related to the forced landing of the plane and the arrest of journalist and dissident Protasevic and his partner, Russian citizen Sofia Sabiga..

What is more, The executive body of the society froze a loan of 3,000 million euros to Belarus “so that it becomes a democracy”.

Since the end of May, Only Chinese and Russian airlines fly over BelarusAccording to flight tracking service FlightRadar24.

Among the companies that decided on their own to avoid Belarusian airspace are Air France, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, Finnair, Iberia, Polish LOT, Air Baltic, KLM and Ryanair itself.

Ukraine suspended all flights between the two countries and banned its airlines from crossing Belarusian airspace, despite the fact that Kiev Airport would lose 10 percent of its revenue from the measure.

Belarusian Belavia, in turn, announced the cancellation of flights to about 12 countries, including Spain, due to the closure of the airspace by the European Union of the company.

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Russia became the only support for Belarus in its recent confrontation with the West.

(With information from EFE)

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