Breaking basketball with one arm

Breaking basketball with one arm

It is not uncommon to find stories of achievement associated with sports. Those (almost impossible) who transcend the barriers of imagination and even the reality of those who draw them from the logic with which they use the pencil. but nevertheless, Athletes show us examples That, as the logo of the clothing brand says, there is no impossible for them. And Hansel Emmanuel Dominguez.

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This is demonstrated by this 17-year-old Dominican I just received an invitation from a university in the United States To integrate their study plan, in parallel with the Division 1 basketball team of National Collegiate Athletic Association, the famous Yankee University orange championship where the future NBA.

Hansel Inmanuel Dominguez.

Hansel Inmanuel Dominguez.

The unbeliever Hansel proves that despite his physical handicap, He can flip the ball and put a lid on it, and as far as he’s already been since college. Last year, he was recruited by Live Christian Academy in Kissimmee (Florida), for which he won the Central Florida Christian Academy State Championship, which has a 1.93-meter guard/guard. He averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists. His outstanding performance generated access to the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU) with the SOH Elite, from South Florida.

“Don’t see me as a special person with a disability. Look at me as a great player who will reach the limit.”

Hansel Inmanuel Dominguez

Dominican presents He lost his left arm since a wall fell on him at the age of six and had to be amputated. That incident deprived him of his favorite sport, baseball, but did not close the door to the basketball he devoted himself to and mastered, which is shown in videos of him wandering the Domínguez networks asking them not to treat him as an alien or to be taken as unusual – Beyond what it is – his performance in court. He relies on his faith to follow his trail. “God always has a purpose. I live his mission, what he wants me to do in this life. Everything I do I do with God first and with my family, they are everything,” he told Orlando Sentinel.

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It was from that time He had to endure two hours trapped under the rubble before his father rescued him That Hansel began to believe in a new life, with the help of those who saved him, and also by his example by being a basketball player. Papa Hansel Salvador Donato said of his son: “He himself found love for basketball and began to give it all he had.”

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Enmanuel (that’s his name, it appears in the networks this way) had the pleasure of crossing with Moises Michel, a former player of the Dominican national team, who received him with his wife at home when he received a scholarship to study. In the so-called Kissimmee school, Near the Disney and Universal parks, which the boy recognized from a photo 16 years later on a Caribbean island. “Some have questioned his ability to control the ball on the field, or believe that the videos that are shown on social networks are fake. But when they see him alive, they leave their mouths open,” Michel admitted of the full player who Can hold the ball and score with one hand and force the key as if it were a pivot.

Idols of Dominguez Kevin Durant and LeBron James; They want to be like. It would be very difficult for him to achieve this, but no one doubted that he would try.

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