Pi Number: Scientists set a new record by calculating the value – science – life

Pi Number: Scientists set a new record by calculating the value – science – life

Scientists from the Graubünden University of Applied Sciences (FHGR) in Switzerland have broken the world record for calculating decimals. B number.

The high-performance computer from the Center for Data Analysis, Visualization, and Simulation (DAViS) broke the old world record of 50 trillion numbers with a new, previously unknown 12.8 trillion. the last ten numbers Bai acquaintances are now: 7817924264.

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The calculation of the new world record for pi numbers by the DAViS team at the Graubünden University of Applied Sciences took 108 days and 9 hours. So it’s almost twice as fast as Google’s 2019 cloud record, and about 3.5 times faster than the last world record of 2020.

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The FHGR team is very satisfied with this calculation. “We wanted to achieve several goals with a record attempt”Says Professor Heiko Rolke, Director of DAViS. “While preparing and executing the computations, we were able to accumulate a lot of knowledge and improve our processes. This is now of particular benefit to our research partners, with whom we jointly carry out extensive computational projects in data analysis and simulation.”

Thomas Keeler, the project manager responsible for making the calculations, adds in a statement:The calculation showed us that we are ready for the extensive use of data and computing power in research and development. The account also made us aware of infrastructure weaknesses, such as insufficient backup capacity.”

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The knowledge of the DAViS team, as evidenced by the global record, as well as the devices used are required in application areas such as RNA analysis, flow simulation, and transcriptome analysis.

According to the verified account of 62.8 billion numbers, the DAViS team recorded the achievement to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. The number itself must be publicly available.

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