Brexit News Live: Latest Boris Johnson Announces Local Furlow Project as Rishi Sunak

Brexit News Live: Latest Boris Johnson Announces Local Furlow Project as Rishi Sunak
As Brexit talks ‘intensify’, Sunak to unveil new furrow plan

EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier holds “serious” Brexit talks with UK envoy David Frost in London today. Mr Barnier is said to have told EU leaders to skip the deadline for a deal with Boris Johnson in mid-October, which is being pushed into talks until the end of the month.

As President Rishi Sunak announces a new, local furlow scheme today, it will subsidize the wages of workers in pubs and restaurants that are forced to close. Corona virus Restrictions.

As pubs and restaurants in the north of England are expected to close next week, workers could be seen paying two-thirds of their wages. Statistics show that the economy grew by only 2.1 percent in August – much lower than expected and a dramatic slowdown in recovery.


The Prime Minister is holding meetings to finalize the new ‘traffic light’ system

What can we expect this afternoon? The treasury has announced that President Rishi Sunak will unveil the “next phase of the job support program” later today, which aims to secure jobs that “need to be closed in the coming weeks and months.”

Boris Johnson is set to hold a series of meetings on Downing Street today, finalizing a three-tier “traffic light” system for regional controls, due out next week.

Also Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will host a virtual corona virus conference with National Medical Director Jason Leeds at 12.15pm.

Boris Johnson holds meetings on new Govt regulations(Cartridge)

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 11:35


Stormer accused that there was no ‘chaos, chaos and injustice’

Labor leader Sir Khair Stormer said the government had “lost control of the virus” and urged ministers to “get a grip”.

Writes in Telegraph, He called on local leaders to be “in the room” when decisions are made. “It is completely irresponsible for anonymous No. 10 sources to tell a few newspapers on Thursday about plans to impose additional restrictions on millions of people, without any details, without any advice and without any statement from the Prime Minister,” he said.

Despite the angry rhetoric, Stormer has made clear the will of Labor No. Tory rebels are due to vote on a 10 pub curfew next week. So it is unlikely that he will oppose the new restrictions.

Khair Stormer (Getty Images)

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 11:08


Tory MP says Brexit without any deal will cause ‘reasonable confusion’.

Sir Roger Gale talks about his fears if the government fails to reach a trade agreement with the EU this fall.

Fellow members from the city of Kent are “very concerned about the potential impact of freight traffic across the channel,” said Tory MP for Northern Thane.

He told Sky News: “If there is no deal – it would be worse if there is – without a deal I think we are facing a fair deal of confusion after December 31.”

Sir Roger said Boris Johnson’s internal market bill – which promises to break key parts of last year’s withdrawal agreement – did not help the negotiations.

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 10:38


Wage increase for MPs? The campaign committee says it is an ‘insult’ to the public

Business Secretary Nadeem Zahavi’s consideration of a $ 3,000 pay rise has sparked renewed interest in MPs’ pay rises.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission (IPSA) has said next year’s pay will be based on the public sector’s three-month annual growth rate of 4.1 per cent – an additional $ 3,360 for MPs.

Jeremy Hutton of the Taxpayers Coalition said: “The IPSA must be tough if it thinks this year’s pay rise for parliamentarians should be considered.”

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 10:28


Barnier ‘tells officials Brexit talks should continue until end of October’

Connect yourself to a wild ride on the Brexit roller coaster: rhetorical art games will intensify over the next few weeks.

EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier is said to have told a meeting of European ambassadors that a trade deal is now approaching, but could not do so at any time.

A secret conference note shows that Barnier has warned EU leaders, including Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France.

Barnier’s group is now said to be concerned about the French president’s particularly defensive about possible concessions on fishing rights. “Macron has a short fuse,” an anonymous official said.

Michael Barnier is coming to London for talks(Reuters)

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 09:52


Labor says the government is attacking the ‘red pen’ through the northern economy

Labor’s shadow business minister, Lucy Powell, has spoken out next week about the “outrage” of the corona virus ban in the north – it is unclear how, why and when it will be imposed.

“There is a great deal of frustration and outrage in the North over the way we are being run by this government,” he told the BBC. breakfast. “They seem to be sitting in offices in Whitehall, hitting the red pen through large sections of our economy and our society.”

Powell told Sky News that he feared the new local stimulus payments would be “insufficient” to help affected workers and called on the government to “urgently” resume cash subsidies to businesses.

Large parts of the north of the UK are expected to be placed on the highest tier when the government’s new, three – tier traffic light system is developed.

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 09:24


The Manchester mayor wants to extend the existing furlough project

Will Rishi Sunak’s plan be enough for the leaders in the North? The president’s new plan, to be announced today, will see workers pay two-thirds of their wages until businesses are allowed to reopen. The Times.

But Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has warned that “the damage to the monthly economy will be deep and lasting” if the government does not extend the full plan.

Responding to reports that 465 jobs would be lost at Manchester Airport, he tweeted: “The government’s view is that these jobs are ‘not possible’. I say they are. ”

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 09:13


Commerce Minister Nadim Zahawi is trying to put a brave face to those newcomers in GDP.

“This is a very difficult year economically,” he told the BBC breakfast. “Undoubtedly 2020 will be a difficult year. The direction of travel is still positive, with more than 2% growth.”

The minister refused to confirm the government’s plans for the new regulations, which are expected next week – explained widely to the media – and told newspapers that the “leaks” were “corrosive.”

Jahawi told Sky News: “It’s very bad for people to leak these things. I hope those who do this will stop it because it’s really counter-intuitive, confusing and itchy.”

When asked about the $ 3,000 pay rise for MPs, Jahawi said he was considering donating to a charity in his constituency.

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 08:59


The UK’s economic recovery is declining dramatically

The UK economy grew by only 2.1 per cent in August – the recovery from the slump has been sluggish – despite Rishi Sunak’s Eat Out to Help Out plan, official figures show.

Analysts’ GDP growth forecast for the last month has fallen short of the 4.6 per cent growth forecast, which is of great concern to the Chancellor.

This came after a 6.6 per cent increase in production in July. According to the Office for National Statistics, the recession is 9.2 percent higher than the pre-epidemic peak in the economy.

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 08:47


EU chief negotiator in London for ‘intensifying’ Brexit talks

EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier is in London today for talks with UK envoy Lord Frost – a week before Boris Johnson’s deadline for reaching a trade deal.

A spokesman for the prime minister said they would resume talks in Brussels “early next week” following the conclusion of talks on Friday.

Despite the urgency of trying to achieve any breakthrough ahead of the EU Council summit, the negotiators have no plans to hold further discussions over the weekend.

A spokesman for No. 10 said: “We were clear on the need to act against the Council of Europe on October 15. The EU has agreed to serious talks, which are taking place this week, and we will see more of them next week.”

No 10’s negotiator David Frost and EU envoy Michael Barnier(REUTERS)

Adam Forrest9 October 2020 08:33

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