Brian Okambo and Augustine Canobio are already free players and the United States could negotiate their transfer

Brian Okambo and Augustine Canobio are already free players and the United States could negotiate their transfer

The players were free to negotiate with the United States, although in both cases Peñaron and Nacional sought renewal to reap economic benefits from their signatures.

Brian Ocampo Y Augustine Canobio They became free players from the first minute on January 1, 2022, after concluding deals with National de Montevideo and Penarol, respectively. Both footballers are on the radar United States The tag of the next match and the players who do not have a contract will be convenient to get some of these elements.

In the case Canobio, The player is in talks with Penarol to sign a new contract, which is a priority for the Coalition, who face the Uruguayan League, Super Cup and Copa Libertadores in 2022, so they will not give up attacker services. The footballer is also in the eyes of many European clubs, so he does not want to make hasty decisions about Augustine’s future, even if his agents are with the club in Uruguay, Europe or Mexico. United States.

On the other hand, Brian Ocampo He ended his contract with the National on 31 December and is analyzing his options for the immediate future, although the player has the option to renew with his current squad and does not want to leave without putting money in the Uruguayan team’s coffers. The United States will have to spend about $ 4 million to hire the 22-year-old winger.

American Order hopes to close some of these two components next week, and close its template 2022 ends. Santiago Solari asked his board of directors to add all players as soon as possible so that after day 3 of the match all players will be in physical rhythm and fully integrated with the discipline of the team.

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The United States They will return to training this Sunday after the New Year celebrations, prepare for their debut in the league, travel to Puebla on January 7, and then play again until January 22 when they receive the Atlas at the Azteca Stadium. .

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