The dog that never left the grave of a two-year-old boy drowned in Vietnam

The dog that never left the grave of a two-year-old boy drowned in Vietnam

Mino, a dog, clung to his owner’s grave during his four – year life, when a two – year – old boy drowned in a ditch near his home in South Vietnam, where he never separated from them, and they lived together.

Mino’s jet black hairs glow on the back of his back, where it casts pale brown shades, which the family says spent a long time in the sun and rain at the grave of a dead boy in Long An province. , In the Mekong River Delta.

Three days after the funeral, which took place in the backyard, the dog settled in the grave, and the boy’s grandmother, Nuen the Wood, says there was no way to leave it.

“I tried to stop him because I didn’t know it was right, but I always ended up coming back. In the end I decided to leave him,” says the 57-year-old woman.

Special relationship

Mino came into the family as a puppy, and when little Keth was one year old, they became friends from the beginning, spending time playing together while the parents worked, and taking care of the grandparents house.

The tragic death of Kate at the age of two broke the special bond between the boy and the cub: while his mother was cooking, the little boy left the house and crossed the dirt road that separates the house from the nearby canal and fell into it without anyone coming in time to save it.

He was buried behind the house, as is customary in Vietnamese countryside, and three days after burial, Mino settled in the cemetery, the place where he had spent the longest time since the tragedy occurred three years ago.

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With a respectable character, the dog goes to greet the audience and stays for a few minutes lying at a table near the entrance of the dangerous house, but after a while she resumes her position in the grave so that after hours she will not leave until the sun goes down.

Under the sun and rain

“He always goes home for an hour or two in the afternoon and then comes back out even if it’s sun or rain. Sometimes he even spends the night,” Wood says, and the animal knows what happened to the baby and that’s his body down.

There is no barking or howling over the animal grave which is naturally quiet and it will simply lie there and stay there all day.

“Sometimes he takes some food or some fruit and leaves it near the grave,” said Nuen, the father of the dead creature.

Speaking of Wood, the 6-year-old sister is playing around the house, Ko, the father, taking care of the 11-month-old baby, who was born two years after the tragedy happened.

The dog is affectionate with them, but Wood says he has not reached as close a relationship with any of his grandchildren as Ket has.

A family friend who knew about the long hours spent in the minnow sun and rain gave them a shed for shelter, but they had to remove it a few days later due to complaints from a relative claiming ownership of the land.

Based on their requests, the family will arrange a ceremony in March to move the grave and bring it a few meters away from home.

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“Even if we change the site of the cemetery, I hope Mino will continue to spend that day,” he says.

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