Britney Spears’ father loses custody of the singer at trial

Britney Spears’ father loses custody of the singer at trial

battle Britney Spears His father’s guardianship over his estate continued to be revoked on Thursday when a judge rejected his father’s objections about how to delegate guardianship over him and made a breakthrough in the negotiations.

Recall that Britney Spears petitioned me Court Last year to His father expelled With a financial institution appointed as the sole coordinator of her properties, her lawyer, Samuel De Engham III, argued last year that the singer feared James “Jimmy” Spears and would rather have a professional financial institution take over her possession.

However, the judge Los Angeles Superior CourtAnd the Brenda PennyLast year, the singer’s request was rejected, but he has appointed the Bessemer Trust as co-curator with James Spears.

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Objections raised by counsel James SpearsLast Thursday, Vivien Touraine, on how to delegate the curators, was rejected last Thursday, and likewise, an objection filed by Touraine for James Spears to have the power to delegate investment powers, an issue that opened an almost endless debate among lawyers.

Ingham told the court that the nature of the joint guardianship was that the powers of James Spears as sole custodian, appointed by the court in 2019, would be reduced, while Turin argued that court orders should be consistent with the order. Grant him exclusive guardianship.

Turin argued, “There is no intention or desire to create an unequal power or make a decision between the two, Your Honor.” They noted, “This is a way to bring it into line and not take away the powers that Mr. Spears had as secretary.”

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Turin also denied Ingham’s concern that James Spears would delegate investment powers to a third party, stating that his client simply wanted “to be able to delegate investment decision-making authority to Bessemer,” they continued.

The judge rejected the objection, and the James Spears and Bismer Trust are both expected to work together on a budget and investment proposal for Britney Spears’ property after the Thursday hearing.

“My clients look forward to working with Bessemer to further his daughter’s investment strategy,” Touraine said. Release After the session.

“My client, Jimmy Spears, carried out his duties diligently and professionally as one of Britney’s trustees, and his love for and dedication to her daughter in protecting her is evident to the court,” the statement said.

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Although Jimmy will continue to be a legal guardian, he will have to continue to share all his decisions with the Bessemer Trust, including decisions regarding funding, the most extreme of which the father’s attorneys have opposed and that Judge Brenda Benny has rejected it.

This decision is akin to the will of Spears, who this summer expressed “strong opposition” to her father’s continued exercise of complete control over her life.

On the other hand, the singer’s lawyer, Samuel Ingham, said: “It is no secret that my client does not want his father as a teaching assistant, but we realize that it is a separate case.” The father’s powers would be withdrawn in the upcoming sessions, but this Thursday, which lasted only an hour, was summarized in determining who was controlling the finances of the successful artist, and another hearing is scheduled for the resurrection next month.

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The pop star’s legal battle is under scrutiny after the New York Times released “Framing Britney,” a documentary that followed Britney Spears’ rise to stardom and the media pressure that is often blamed. Due to his public breakdown in 2007, James Spears was her legal guardian for 12 years.

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