Bronny James will evaluate his entry into the 2024 draft

Bronny James will evaluate his entry into the 2024 draft

New USC Trojans guard Bronny James is expected to evaluate his entry into the 2024 NBA Draft based on team-specific interests, not draft position, the USC Trojans CEO told ESPN on Saturday.

The new goalkeeper is expected to do just that USC Trojans, Bronnie JamesEvaluate your entry 2024 NBA Draft Based on the team's own interests, not the draft position, CEO Clutch SportsRich Paul.

“I don't value a young player entering the lottery as much as I put him on the right team in the right developmental situation,” Ball told ESPN on Saturday.

What's more, Paul said, the right team doesn't necessarily mean teaming up with his father; LeBron Jamesdespite of LeBron James Paul said he would be “very excited if it happened naturally.”

LeBron James Wants Bronnie James “Make your own guy,” Paul told ESPN.

After suffering a cardiac arrest during training in July in University of Southern Californial Bronnie James He was diagnosed with Congenital heart defect Which kept him out of the game for about five months. He was approved to resume his career, and made his debut in University of Southern California on December 11 and averaged 5.2 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in nearly 20 minutes per game.

Before the serious heart attack and long layoff, this was expected Bronnie James He was a major contributor to Trojans this chapter. the outside Sierra Canyon High SchoolESPN draft analyst Jonathan Givony ranked James among the top 15 guys in the draft class. 2024 NBA Draft.

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Because of his heart condition Bronnie James He will also have to be evaluated and approved by the NBA Fitness Committee. The 2025 NBA draft class is much stronger than the 2024 class, which could also be part of the calculation. Bronnie James About the right time to enter the draft.

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