Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of David and Victoria, marries in a luxurious wedding

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of David and Victoria, marries in a luxurious wedding

With great luxury the wedding took place between Brooklyn Beckham23-year-old son David and Victoriahis girlfriend Nicola Peltz, 27, her billionaire father owns Wendy’s hamburger chain, among other businesses, and although the information flows in a bit slowly, what we know today is that the bride wore three different dresses.

According to British media, it all happened to him. It lasted for three days, with three wedding dressesWhich was worn by the wife of the son of David and Victoria BeckhamThree wedding planners and three huge tents, started with dinner on Friday night and will end with a sumptuous lunch tomorrow.

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From guests to a calorie-counting buffetMail brings you the service request for the wedding where budget is a foreign word. Nicola’s dresses, all Valentino’s Bride of Pierpaolo Piccioli, have been chosen by the bride’s atelier in Rome, though everyone is expecting more offsets over the weekend as well, with some of Victoria’s distressed mother-in-law outfits sure to take a look.

The flowers, said to be all white and in crazy abundance‘, Courtesy of Rishi Patel at HMR Designs, whose 2021 wedding ceremony was held for Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer. The tables and outdoor furniture come from Pablo Oliveira at Nuage Designs, who handled Chelsea Clinton’s weddings.

Since the middle of last week, trucks have started arriving in Palm Beach Police patrolled the area around the farm. Tents of the size that are usually rented for trade fairs. Each can comfortably accommodate a thousand people, and there are three of them in the £76 million Royal Beltzis park.

Looks like the biggest one will have a dance floor where rapper Snoop Dogg He will go to play the food in charge of Miami chef Thierry Isambert, who previously cooked for former US President Bill Clinton. Diet options include the usual vegetarian and vegan options, but also extend to allergy-specific options and even the “light” option, which is below a certain calorie limit.


Security is tight and hundreds of guests have been asked not to share photos of the bride and groom, as they have made an exclusive agreement with Vogue which will put the photos on its website.

Many guests attend their own hair and makeup artists, it’s this kind of event. There’s all the Spice Girls, and there’s David’s best friend, Dave Gardner, and Gordon and Tana Ramsay and their five children.

Victoria’s sister, Louise, and daughter Libby are already in Miami, as are Victoria’s parents, Tony and Jackie. David’s parents, Sandra and Ted, will also be there with his sister Joe.

Brooklyn brothers Romeo and Cruz will be groomsmen, brother of the bride Brandon will be “man of honor” and ten-year-old Harper Beckham will be maid of honor. She will be the bride’s grandmother, builder, and bridesmaid.

Madonna’s son Rocco Ricci, a childhood friend from Brooklyn, has been invited, and model Gigi Hadid, childhood friend Nicola is also expected to attend. Other guests at the event include David Grottman, the king of Miami nightlife.

Beckham’s coach at Inter Miami is his friend Phil Neville, and Phil and his brother Gary and their families will be at the wedding.

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