Kontra will not allow illegal Haitians to operate on the roads

Kontra will not allow illegal Haitians to operate on the roads

The National Confederation of Transportation Organizations (Contra) announced that from next Monday it will apply penalties to unions, federations and affiliated carriers that tolerate unregistered Haitians, or from other countries, which have similar laws, operating on their routes.

On the transportation routes of Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago, the massive presence of Haitians, both during the day and at night, in Concho cars is evident, said the union’s spokesman, Mario Diaz.

Likewise, he described this fact as “painful”, as the majority of Haitians had entered the Dominican Republic illegally “in the eyes of the authorities”, and that union leaders “play the role of permission that makes them complicit”.

Critics hardened
Diaz added during a meeting with a political movement headed by Senator Antonio, that the lanes could have been distributed to businessmen, and no tender was put forth, “There is no justification for allowing them to drive passenger cars, when they have an irregular immigration status.” Marty in Jarabacoa.

He pointed out that it is a matter of national security, given the importance of the passenger transport system in any part of the world. “If the passenger transportation system is controlled by people from another country, with an illegal immigration situation and in an irregular way, it’s more dangerous than you think.”

Like “lawless goats”
The Kontra spokesperson denounced the fact that undocumented Haitians were able to buy a motorcycle without any kind of permit, document or regulation and that, in addition, they could rent Concho cars, turning this business into a practice that threatens security. national country.

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“The authorities must take back control of the people who work on public passenger transport routes and on motorcycle routes because we repeat that this is a matter of national security and this situation must be brought under control to avoid further problems for the country.”

Mario Diaz called on the military and police authorities to provide more security on passenger transport routes, especially at night and in the early morning hours, after considering the fact that the police presence at that time was “practically null” on the main roads in the Greater region. Santo Domingo.


According to experts on immigration issues, the phenomenon of Haitian immigration affects the wages of Dominican workers, displaces Creole labor, raises the degree of income inequality in the country, that is, increases the wages of capital and skilled labor, and reduces employment. The workers’ income is lower.

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