Bruno Cora is on the digital agenda of the Museo Espacio – El Sol del Centro

Bruno Cora is on the digital agenda of the Museo Espacio – El Sol del Centro

Bruno Cora, an Italian artist, presented at the Space Museumwith work that was part of the exhibition “rebounds”held in 2019. In addition to this, he also has significant work as an art critic, curator, historian and academic.

This is exactly the path of this outstanding visual creator that is presented in The Space Museum’s digital calendar For the week that started this Monday March 21, with #Trajectories; And in the afternoon, at #NotasContemporáneas, a review of Newspaper publications For national circulation on this artistic expression.

The Tuesday March 22the audience will be able to discover others world museumsThrough #fake facts. Later, submit Register for the exhibition From Image may containby Ishmael Rodriguez.

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The Wednesday 23the #Reflections content will comply with Quotations from eminent museologists; And later in #MuseoAbierto, some Publications edited by the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes (ICA).

The Thursday 24 is revive Visual Galleries carried out in the Museo Espacio, by #TBT; and #EnTuPropiaVoz, will display a file Experience visiting the Space MuseumThe voice of its heroes.

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The Friday 25in #SepultarElPasado and #VisualizarElPasado, various topics and a video about art historyContemporary approach.

The Saturday March 26 and Sunday March 27Activities for the whole family, with #VirtualWorkshops and #Theatricalized Story, as part of the activation reading room.

The Espacio Museum is also still open Face to face tours For the current exhibition, as well as interest in specific groups, by appointment. More information on the phone number 01 41 449688.

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