Buckel, who withdrew from the Anti-Corruption OAS Commission, ordered the arrest of an adviser appointed by Almacro

Buckel, who withdrew from the Anti-Corruption OAS Commission, ordered the arrest of an adviser appointed by Almacro
El Salvador President Naib Boukel

Salvador’s President Naib Boukel announced on Friday that his government would break the agreement with the Organization of American States (OAS) to revive the International Commission against Punishment in El Salvador. (Cecise). “We have decided that we are going to terminate our contract with the OAS-Cicies as president because it is utter nonsense that we are trying to fight the punishment precisely with the people who promote the punishment in El Salvador,” Buckell told a news conference.

President of El Salvador accuses OAS Secretary-General Luis Almacro of promoting punishment In a country that has appointed an adviser to former mayor Ernesto Mushond, who faces two criminal charges. “The Secretary-General is punishing or trying to convict the perpetrator of Salvador. He (Almacro) knew about this.”The president told a news conference.

The president, who was critical of Almacro, insisted on it “You can no longer trust OAS” Because, in his opinion, he was “promoting a political agenda” and “punishing a criminal” in a way that would refer to Mushont.

Almacro announced on Twitter on Thursday that the former mayor of San Salvador (2018-2021) will join Muஷshond as an “adviser to the General Secretariat”.

Louis Almacro, OAS General Secretary
Louis Almacro, OAS General Secretary

Following the appointment, Buckell announced that he had decided to break the agreement with OAS, which had created the International Commission against Penalty and Corruption (CICIES) in El Salvador.

“OAS has no intention of fighting impunity” In the country, Buckell considered the OAS “failed” in selecting him to lead the commission, which was established in September 2019 at the request of the government of Salvador to provide technical assistance to the trial.

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Following Buckle’s statements, Attorney General Rodalbo Delgado announced that he was terminating his contract with OAS.

Mushond has been facing criminal charges since February 2020. The Attorney General’s Office alleges that he met with gang leaders to negotiate before the 2014 presidential election, allegedly paid, and the votes of these criminal groups in the elections. The former mayor has always refused to negotiate with criminal groups.

El Salvador's President Naib Bukele with former mayor Ernesto Mushond
El Salvador’s President Naib Bukele with former mayor Ernesto Mushond

“We can not make another possible decision (terminate the contract with the OAS General Secretariat). How can we proceed with the Anti-Penalty Commission on someone who has not convicted an offender?” Buckell inquired.

Ernesto Mushond, former mayor of San Salvador and recent adviser to OAS, abducted by police
Ernesto Mushond, former mayor of San Salvador and recent adviser to OAS, abducted by police

He added that his government would “seek the support of the international community” to establish another commission to fight punishment and corruption. “It will be hard to see all the rubbish and rot behind these (international) companies, but we are going to achieve it.”, He concluded.

The decision to end the CICIES came at a time when the international community was questioning Buckeye for trying to consolidate power with the help of Congress, which removed a panel of judges and the attorney general.

Responding to the president, a San Salvador court on Friday ordered him placed under house arrest on charges of electoral fraud and illegal negotiations. AFP Spokesman for the Courts. Following the issuance of the order, the state prosecutor’s office instructed police to make arrests for crimes related to state finance, for which Myshond was imprisoned in a police cell.

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Mushond, who lost the re-election last February to the ruling party candidate who ruled under the banner of the opposition Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena, right), criticized the decision and promised he was now a “political prisoner.”

“I faced a dictatorial and authoritarian regime that sent criminal gangs of an innocent labor minister, a puppet public prosecutor, to pressurize the judges, their false news, harassment, harassment and persecution. I introduced myself and showed my face. Today I am a political prisonerHe posted on his Twitter account. The politician said he had Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado in charge and “Salvador’s leader Naib Buchale” in charge of “any attempt against my life”.

(With information from AFP, EFE and Europa Publishing)

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