Bukele changed his Twitter bio back to “The Coolest Dictator in the World”

Bukele changed his Twitter bio back to “The Coolest Dictator in the World”

(CNN Español) – “The most wonderful dictator in the world,” is the new phrase in the new biography of the President of El Salvador, Neb Bukele, on his Twitter account.

The first change in his autobiography and picture occurred on Sunday night, when he wrote “Dictador de El Salvador,” in what many interpreted as ironic due to opposition claims that a dictatorship is being installed in the Central American country.

According to the opposition, the accusations against Bukele are due to the fact that he has concentrated all power since his party, New Ideas, achieved an absolute majority in the Legislative Council in last February’s elections.

In addition, criticism is also due to the decree to refer judges, justices of the peace and prosecutors over the age of 60, the decision of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice which leaves open the possibility of Bukele’s re-election and others. Recently the implementation of bitcoin in the country.

During the massive rally on September 15, against recent government decisions, many participants carried posters denouncing what they saw as a dictatorship. On the same day, in his speech marking 200 years of national independence, Bukele dismissed those accusations. There is no dictatorship here. This is a democracy that expressed itself freely in elections, not once, but twice.”

Bukele, who is very active in social networks, and who used to make his decisions known to the population through these platforms, has been ruling El Salvador since June 2019, after winning the presidency in the first round and with a large majority.

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