Bukele's Nuevas Ideas party won 28 mayoral positions in El Salvador

Bukele's Nuevas Ideas party won 28 mayoral positions in El Salvador

AME 5043. San Salvador (El Salvador), 03/03/2024.- The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, presents his voting certificate with his wife, Gabriela de Bukele, this Sunday at the voting center located on Avenida Olímpica, in San Salvador (Savior). Bukele cast his vote Sunday afternoon in the municipal elections and elections for the Central American Parliament (Barlasin), in which his New Ideas (NI) party is the favorite. EFE / Rodrigo Sora

ruling party new ideas (NI) for president Nayeb Bukelewill govern in 28 municipalities Savior Of total 44According to the election results officially announced today, Friday Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

The president of the collective entity, Dora Esmeralda Martínez, explained during a message to the press in which she concluded the final audit of the municipal elections and the Central American Parliament (Parlasín) on March 3, that Ideas Novas obtained 26 mayoral positions and 2 in alliance with the Party of Democratic Change (CD).

Bukele's party, led by his cousin, also won 13 deputies from Barlasin, according to Judge Martinez. Evie

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