Contradictions between the House of Representatives on a demonstration of 30% of the pension funds

Contradictions between the House of Representatives on a demonstration of 30% of the pension funds

While a spokesperson for the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC) confirms that there will be no demonstration on February 27th, Pedro Botelho, the leader of the march calling for the release of 30 per cent of pension funds, said it was indeed a “fait accompli”.

The House of Representatives of the People’s Republic of China is under Botello’s lines regarding the celebration of a demonstration announced on the upcoming National Independence Day, but the MP denied that it could be stopped and even disengaged from the call.

I am not the owner of the call to demonstrate, it is a decision taken by all the coordinators of the struggle groups for 30 percent. I can submit a proposal for reconsideration, but I will not dare to ask them to stop a demonstration scheduled for the 27th, ”Botelho said.

However, prior to Botello’s remarks, the PRSC spokesperson in the House, Máximo Castro, stated that it had already decided to suspend any demonstration on 27 February.

“This will not happen, Botelho will not happen. There will be no action on that day. We, the bloc and the party, are already meeting with Botelo and there will be no protest on February 27th,” Castro said.

But not only Botelho said the march is underway, if not it has revealed that he will not attend the National Assembly to present the traditional accounts.

Botelho said: “I will be talking about my excuses, because I will not be in the assembly hall, and I will be in front of Congress with the protesters.”

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At the same time, he said, the only way to stop the march is for the President of the Republic to meet the workers.

We suggested that the only thing that would stop this process would be for the president to meet the workers before that date. “He welcomed everyone except the workers,” he said.

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