Bus burns in Havana (+ photos and video)

Bus burns in Havana (+ photos and video)

Cubans on social media reported the burning of an articulated bus (104) at the entrance to Alamar in Havana.

“Fight what happened this morning at 104 P at the entrance to the Lamar. I came in. Massive smoke. What could have been done, but there was no remedy other than this unfortunate event,” posted user Joe Louis Betancourt Escalona.

In the Facebook group “Accidents, buses and trucks, for more experience and fewer casualties,” they also reported the event.

Unfortunately, for Alamar 104, today was his last day. they wrote.

One member of the group commented, “So far, it was the best car in Cuba.”

“It hurts so much the work that goes into this country to keep a car at the height it was and for a few minutes to break down like that out of nowhere. My respect for that driver and cheerleader friend,” said someone else.

From another group, “bus drivers forever”, one user commented that the fire was caused “apparently by electricity”.

“That’s why we should review as many times as possible,” he added.

Along the same lines, another person said, “My respect. A good buggy has lost. Drivers attention! No electrician can just retrofit. It must be a blackout. You have to know that the lines cannot be recharged.”

The majority of users lamented the event that would knock the “best” bus in Havana out of circulation, according to the comments.

Recently, the government press reported on the new cars that will be allocated to the Molguba station to reinforce the P12, P16 and P13 roads and ease the critical transport situation in Havana.

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However, residents of the capital do not have high expectations.

“Everything is very nice, but at the same time they are lying in the stations without cutting and rotten. And they indicated that this is the end of those cars.


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