Sequis Rivera, wearing a white micro bikini, shows off the back

Sequis Rivera, wearing a white micro bikini, shows off the back

Sigis Rivera He did not lie when he wrote a message a few days ago that the celebrations for his birthday had begun. Set aside some time for you to stay in the exclusive place PleasureHe got the chance to promote the shampoo in a video he shared in his stories Instagram. The singer, who was wearing a white micro bikini, showed off her backside as she applied the product to her hair and began to bathe outside.

During your Late Night Party Sequis She looked spectacular wearing a black set with a mesh fabric that reveals her bikini. She has posed as a model in photos taken by her boyfriend Emilio SanchezHe finished with the message “Another night, another adventure”.

Apparently the party was intense, and the singer showed it in other pictures, near the pool, where she was wearing a sexy bikini and hat (she wrote “Pool, music, tacos and tequila! My kind day”). For his part, Emilio was not far behind, and he shared photos of himself appearing with his girlfriend, adding the text “A Strange Silence”.

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