Buy a ticket to Virgin Galactic to go to space

Buy a ticket to Virgin Galactic to go to space

this tuesday, Elon Musk took a sudden turn to kneeling metaphorically before his opponent Richard Branson Well, he bought a ticket from your company Virgo Galaxy for the purpose of space travel.

And you have to remember that Musk competes with Branson and Jeff Bezos space travel and tourism establishment in that region; However, with the purchase of a ticket to Virgin Galactic it appears to have given way to a big deal.

so founder SpaceX s Tesla He did not resist space travel despite the fact that he developed spaceships for several years through Space X.

Specialists believe that Musk is not only seeking flight experience but learning from it to apply it to his company; Although each ticket costs $250,000 (about Five million pesos).

This decision also comes after British billionaire Richard Branson made a space flight on Sunday, which has also been the subject of criticism such as the one he made. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

According to Bezos, Branson’s flight should not be considered spatial given its altitude.

And that was Sunday when Branson took a spaceflight with other passengers on the ship SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity From his company Virgin Galactic.

In the eyes of more than 500 people, the British businessman and philanthropist successfully took off from Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert.

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However, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos insisted that billionaire Richard Branson’s space flight on Sunday should not be viewed as such because he would not reach a sufficient altitude, 100 kilometers, something he said he would achieve with his manned flight in blue origin.

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The day before taking off from Branson with his Virgin Galactic plane, which will reach an altitude of 80 kilometers, Bezos tried to downplay the importance of that flight.

“Only 4 percent of the world recognizes the 80-kilometre or 50-mile limit as the beginning of space. The New Shepherd flies over both. One of the many benefits of flying with Blue Origin,” the company said in a statement about its aircraft’s mission.

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