Byron Castillo: FIFA brings forward the date for the verdict, and Chile and Colombia are waiting – International Soccer – Sports

Byron Castillo: FIFA brings forward the date for the verdict, and Chile and Colombia are waiting – International Soccer – Sports

Last month, FIFA admitted to processing a lawsuit from Chile, which considers Ecuador incurred in improper squads in World Cup qualifiers. for alleged forgery of documents by
Byron Castillo in the judicial process that recognized his Ecuadorean citizenship.

Although Castillo’s calls with the Ecuadorean team were made when a judge had already recognized him as an Ecuadorean, the Chilean National Professional Football League (ANFP) aspires to preserve Ecuador’s World Cup quota in the face of a final and default penalty. Three colors.

When is the decision?

The international organization is expected to issue a decision on the case soon. Initially, the decision was scheduled for June 14, but that date was to be brought forward.

According to information conveyed by the Chilean Professional Football Association, ANFP, and repeated in the Chilean media, On June 10, FIFA will issue the verdict and determine the outcome.

Chile is confident that FIFA will rule in its favour, and that it will therefore receive the World Cup quota in Qatar. In the meantime, press copies appeared in Colombia indicating that perhaps one possible solution to the issue would be to remove all points from Ecuador and all teams vying for a position, preferring the Colombian team to go to the play-off, in which Peru is currently participating.

However, from the FCF they denied the existence of real possibilities and rejected any interest in the case, but This information coincided with the appointment of Nestor Lorenzo, who fed the releases.

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Ecuador, with confidence

In the crucial days while awaiting a decision from FIFA on the case of Byron Castillo, Ecuador’s Minister of Sports, Sebastian Palacios, is certain that the Chilean claims will remain mere aspirations and that the “triple colors” will be played within six months at the World Cup in Qatar. 2022.

I think it was very clear and made clear by the Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) the calm that there must be for Ecuador that we are going to the World Cup.”the minister reassured in an interview with Efe.

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