Who is Sandra Abenader, a retired MP from the PLD party?

Who is Sandra Abenader, a retired MP from the PLD party?

On June 1, Representative Sandra Hermenia Abenader Soiro de Prieto leave ranks From the Dominican Liberation Party after several decades of struggle in the purple entity and did so without telling us where he would join in the future.

While part of the political organization, headed by former President Danilo Medina, he participated as Central Committee member For years, he was part of the former president’s electoral staff.

A native of Santiago, the current legislator representing the national territory was born on June 29, 1965.

Since childhood and according to the biography published by the PLD on its website, Sandra Hermenia felt the need to work for the community She joined the Rotary Girl Scouts.

In 1990 he joined the Dominican Liberation Party in Enrique’s middle committee, passing through all its levels: the studies department, the basic committee, until he reached the middle management.

After the 1994 elections, She worked in the office of the party’s founder, Juan Bosch. The job he later left to work full time campaigned in 1996, the year the political organization secured the presidency for the first time with Lionel Fernandez as a candidate.

He had more than 20 years of work in Secretary of Electoral Affairs at the National House of the Democratic Liberation Party. Where she held the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry and Administrative Director.

Likewise, she worked at the Party Headquarters Electoral Affairs Secretariat, where she also held the position of director of the computer center and its staff, despite the fact that the profession she describes herself in her identity card has nothing to do with everyone. Listed occupations: Interior design.

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While the online CV profile that PLD possesses does not indicate more information related to his studies than the completion of primary and secondary studies at Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, while he had done his undergraduate studies at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre and Teacher (PUCMM).

In addition, they indicate that he participated in Political Marketing and Campaign Management Seminarsat George Washington University.

It has been 8 years since you joined the Central Committee. During the Eighth Ordinary Congress of Congress, Norge Botelau, Sandra Abenader was the most voted nationally among his peers.

He was in the Presidency’s Social Plan in August 2004 for two years and then at the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) between 2012 and 2016. He worked in both institutions as an assistant director, according to his latest testimony.

She then submits her candidacy for District 1 of the House of Representatives and be re-elected in 2020.

Abenader de Prieto was president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Americas (COPA), according to his profile posted on the website of the National Congress. She was Vice Chair of the National Congress Standing Committee on Children, Adolescents, and Family and continues as a member of the staff.

In the same way, it belongs to the Standing Committee on Human Rights. He participated as a member of the Youth, Economy, Planning and Development Organization.

Politicians’ family

Sandra Abenader is a widow Cesar Augusto Prieto, the former supervisor of electricity and director of the social plan of the presidency during the governments of Danilo Medina. who was also a member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party, shot himself in the head on December 1, 2020.

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She married Prieto in 1984 and has two children: Luis Esteban (Bashir) and Caesar Elijah. In Abenader’s affidavit, both sons appear as public servants.

While the first is in the Pensions Oversight Authority, the second is a Minister Counselor in the Internal Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, as of April 30, none of the above is mentioned Appears in digital versions of payroll Of the institutions referred to, nor in the state’s general payroll.

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