Cable laying begins on the Los Alcarrizos cable car

Cable laying begins on the Los Alcarrizos cable car

Neighborhood and Surrounding Remodeling Unit (URBE) that it has begun laying the tractor cable supporting the first section of Line 2 of the Santo Domingo cable car, which is part of the integrated system of Transportation Santo Domingo (SIT Santo Domingo), managed by the Mobility Projects Office.

“Once the assembly and alignment of the towers or turrets and the gray works of the four stations of the system have been completed: Alcarrizos Station, Las Toronjas Station, Puente Blanco Station and Los Americanos Station, this cabling installation process begins where will 163 cabins The same, which will end at the end of October,” adds a press release from city.

The entity explained that the installation consists of routing an optical cable over cable cars and towers, which is manually pulled in the short sections, and in this case, a special drone brought from Colombia will be used to lift the longer sections.

The installation of the light cable will pull the finished cable, ending the process by tying it, allowing the system to cycle continuously. The assembly process will pass through 25 towers that support the system.

The statement stated that before starting the cable assembly process, the Social Team of city Developed an information day with all the families you will be passing through to answer their concerns and clarify any doubts they may have in this regard.

The second part of the cable car will be installed in the first half of November after this part of the operation is completed, after which the cabins will be lifted to the cable and the testing process will begin.

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Santo Domingo Cable Car Line 2 is a system Transportation By cables that finish the construction process by the state in the municipality of Los Alcarizos, in the province of Santo Domingo.

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