Senator Marco Rubio reiterates that parole on humanitarian grounds is not sustainable

Senator Marco Rubio reiterates that parole on humanitarian grounds is not sustainable

“Humane parole is not sustainable.” This is a phrase repeated repeatedly by Senator Marco Rubio, who does not hide to show his disagreement with the program.

This path to legally arriving in the United States has been ongoing for more than a year. All of this is based on the immigration measures passed by Joe Biden in January 2023.

Rubio confirmed his frank stance on the issue in an interview with Univision Miami. The Cuban-American senator warned of the dangers caused by the immigration crisis in the United States.

“We have always supported those who were already here. There will always be a process through which people from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba can come.

What we cannot accept is 300,000 people showing up at the US border and entering the country. We can't have an incentive for people to do that. “It's not sustainable,” the Republican said.

“In the last three years, more than 7 million people have entered. No country can afford that.

We see what's happening, and we know they come from all over the world. Not only from Latin America. “They come from China, from India, from Russia, from Africa,” Rubio said.

National Security

National security is precisely the primary concern of Rubio and the majority of Republicans. They agree that the mass arrival of migrants facilitates the entry of criminals who can destabilize the country.

“When you receive 300,000 people a month, including criminals and terrorists. Something serious is going to happen in the United States, serious things are already happening. This cannot continue. We have to change. “This is an immigration crisis and it cannot continue like this,” the Republican senator warned.

The situation of Cuban immigrants was also discussed during the interview. Rubio commented that those born on the island take advantage of the benefits of immigrating to the United States and then choose to return to Cuba for vacation.

Rubio asserts that the situation of many Cubans who arrive in the United States and return to Cuba within a short period is disproportionate.

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