Camilo’s strange message that fuels the suspicion that Nellie has already been born

Camilo’s strange message that fuels the suspicion that Nellie has already been born

a few hours ago Camilo He uploaded two photos to his Instagram wall where Put a strange message Who said he counts the hours to see someone special again, but who is he? One could think it was about Ivalona Montaner, but recent situations have led to me thinking about it can be indigo.

It all started with the 28th birthday Camilowhich took place on March 16, in which the sister of the singer-songwriter and Ricardo Montaner himself congratulated the singer “Vida de Rico” and highlighted the fact that “Indigo’s father“.

so this He raised doubts about the possibility that Indigo was actually born And that they have not yet shared the news that was paired with the release of the new song by Montaner Rating It’s called “the shelter” and we hope you give us the news that your baby has already been born.

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Camilo invites his fans to always respond with love

Camilo recently decided to share a reflection with his fans, which is why he uploaded various texts to his Instagram Stories with the aim of sharing his finding after reading the various messages La Tribu left him in his photos which he thanked with a heart.

And according to Camilo, he was very happy to see these people who make up the tribeAnd the Change the world through loveso he stressed his fan base, each one of them should proudly carry that banner of love, especially now that the world seems to insist on separating people.

Therefore, the husband of Evalona Montaner noted that he knows very well that sometimes it is very difficult to act through love, because the natural tendency of people is to respond and respond from aggressiveness, from anger, from arrogance and from other points. of love.

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For example, the Colombian singer-songwriter gave the example that it’s easier after a car crashes into your car, you want to get off and you want to hit the other person or what about that need that some feel wanting to prove their worth to others, they are less expensive actions to do.

However, Camilo points out that he believes that members The tribe is a people willing to break the chains of hate which sometimes seem infinite, so he emphasized that he had a strong belief that his followers would always respond with love.

Camilo’s strange message that fuels the suspicion that Nellie has actually been born. Photo: Instagram

This is undoubtedly a very pure idea and perhaps even fanciful for some, but the “Indigo” singer has a strong belief that everything can be done out of love and that little by little this influence should be noticed in the world, at least that’s how it happens in his life, he feels the effect of the love.

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