Reasons for Real Madrid’s defeat against Barcelona in the Clasico

Reasons for Real Madrid’s defeat against Barcelona in the Clasico

ESPN provide many weak points for Real Madrid to win against Barcelona in the Clasico.

Real Madrid Stumbled as 4 against 0 Barcelona At செந்தரம் Held in the domain of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium And he left many flaws in his portrait, which were examined by the contestant and used favorably to neutralize him and provide a landslide in front of his fans.

High pressure and possession of the ball

Barcelona Demonstrated personality and jumped on the pitch Bernabeu With the sign of controlling the ball at any cost, – with a nod to Joseph Cardiola – to harass an unaccustomed competitor who wears himself to control the ball. Based on the above, he completed the strategy with too much pressure on all the lines of the opponent to close the gaps on his own domains and frustrate him.

Motivation of Real Madrid In order to impose altered conditions on defensive concentration, it left gaps in the various instances in which it sought to prolong the field, so that they were detected and used favorably by the opponent to play counter-attack and use defensive. Minutes ahead, turned into thin paper.

The pages of Madrid stayed in the locker room

Tony Carvajal provided the first period full of insecurity and Ferran Torres was exposed with continued speed on the right, but could not define the clear conditions of the goal. He was replaced by Mariano for a second period, in search of other types of attack, which only opened up more space and had to be re-composed with the subsequent entry of Lucas Vazquez.

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On the left, Nacho Fernandez and Usman Tembele scored again, who took advantage of the difference in speed and the defects of the defender’s mark, taking crosses into the area and joining Pierre Emerick Obamyang. The goal.

Mistakes of Central Defenders

The first line of Real Madrid He was left fully on duty with different levels of error for each of the four responsible starting footballers. In addition to leaving full-backs to allow crosses, Aubameyang and Tembele continued to score on the backs of the midfielder David Alaba and Eder Milidavo, the second of which was the worst.

The Austrian has been a key figure in defense since the start of the season, giving solid demand in the first line so little can be blamed on Alaba, but after the departure of pillars Sergio Ramos and Rafael Varane, Eder Milito is in his third season with Real Madrid and his performance is still questionable because Makes serious mistakes or simply disappears from the film.

No replacement center

The absence of Karim Benzema in the call indicates the loss of the goal scorer Real Madrid It also shows how ‘short’ the offensive team is facing the current trend, however.

Of the eight names that make up the site of Forwards Real MadridCarlo Ancelotti has made it clear that Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale and Luka Jovic have been left out of his trusted list, while low-level play has been shown, while Mariano Diaz and Marco Asencio – despite being regular substitutes or surprisingly headlines – have not enjoyed their full approval.

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Due to the disagreement of a large section of Madrid attackers, white coach Federico Valverde and Luca Modric were stopped in front of their regular area, in a test to test them forward, and also touched the nerves of the midfield of the team. There is usually no problem with this.

Vinicius and his mistakes in important moments

The Brazilian striker could not bear the heavy slap. Real Madrid, In the absence of Kareem Benzema, the team missed clear opportunities to move electronic numbers in favor of their cause.

At 34, Luka Modric left Vinicius alone and found a pass better than goalkeeper Marc-Andre Der Stegen, however, the Brazilian struggled to control the ball and failed to measure the departure. The goalkeeper and, as an epilogue, tried to deceive the referee through a mistake he did not have.

Even if the attacker passes his best season Real MadridEven after the previous three critiques, the cleverness of looking for goals is still lacking, not to mention his ‘signature’ move, which reaches that area with speed and cuts towards the center, usually collides with the opponent.

A little down in the closet

To face that failure Barcelona Sentenced before the break, bench Real Madrid He responded with the best players on the form, however, he also pointed out that it takes a second thought to see the bench.

Mariano Diaz joined the pair with an offensive response, but the striker did not finish a game as a starter and still had a few minutes to spare in three duels.

Eduardo Camavinga, the fans’ cry that he would get more minutes, was transformed into a full-back by Tony Cruz and Lucas Vasquez, who relaxed Nacho because Ferland Mendy did not come out due to injury and Marcelo did not count. No longer, even if it is your own condition, does it need to be replaced.

Template included Real Madrid There are twelve or thirteen players in this campaign. For example, Cephalos, Isco, Eden Hazard, Luca Jovic, Gareth Bale and Mariano Diaz.

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