Campazzo leads Real Madrid to stay in Granada

Campazzo leads Real Madrid to stay in Granada

AndThere are good games and bad games. Not everything is a party for anyone in life and at Real Madrid He remained undefeated after a A very dangerous morning in Granada (76-83). It will not be a memorable encounter for the European champion, who had a difficult time for most of it. Cofirán fought back against Granada and took control in the third quarter, calling on Facundo Campazzo to continue his brilliance to lead the Whites in the Medina de Nasrid.

Campazzo tries to steal.

Al-Qaeda The Argentine scored 21 points and 5 assists. With a perfect shooting scheme on two-shots (5/5) and only two misses on three-pointers (2/4). He was involved when Chus Mathieu’s team faltered and remained calm, always managing to confirm his correct choice in the decision-making process. He was also accompanied by Dzanan Musa (15 points), playing the role of an enforcer more than a creator. He works to ensure that the Endesa League remains anchored in perfection. Bad days with a positive ending.

It has become popular in Chus Mateo’s perfect start to the campaign. Real Madrid, who arrived at the Deportes Palace without the presence of Chacho Rodriguez or Gershon Yabusele, wanted to accelerate the pace of the match from the beginning. But Granada’s Cuviran, without Joe Thomasson due to injury, The team responded with a hat-trick from Cheatham or Luis Costa to the first white attacks (10-10, 4). Lots of courage in making the decision To find a basket and wait for Real Madrid to lose focus. hard mission.

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Covirán has an unleashed cosor

This did not happen immediately. Fabian Causeur excelled in the hat-trick (12 points and 4/4 of the hat-trick in the 10th minute), and Musa and Campazzo read the transitions against Granada. Which was obscured by white rhythm and success. In the blink of an eye, 0-10 is partial. Although world champion Kramer wanted to close the wound, Causeur repeated the medication and Tavares appeared on the scene (13-25, 9′) in a perfect first quarter in terms of volume and success (83% in T2 in the first quarter).

Campazzo puts pressure on Costa.

It seemed to be going the same way at the start of the second quarter, as Abalde – with five points and an assist for Poirier – accelerated in an attempt to break the game once and for all. He couldn’t, because Granada’s Cufferin continued to describe courage in the definition. German Martinez, in a sexy line, and David Kramer They construct an interesting fragment to advance the progression (27-33, 14). Only Llull’s hat-trick eased (27-36) Real Madrid’s attack, which failed to find success (2/13 hat-tricks in the second quarter), feeling and direction. One problem or another in heaven.

Granada equalized the score

Because even though Matteo is back Campazzo and Musa on the parquet, They managed to connect with two good runs, and Covirán Granada had his moment in the match. He. She An example of this is Cheatham, He hit a 3-pointer on the boards that made the break more competitive than it initially looked (34-40, 20). And also Kramer, who appeared in the second half with a hat-trick that was supported by Felicio, later, in the transition period.

Tavares is surrounded by competitors.

From strict Madrid to everything passes to full equality when Kramer tied it with another 3-pointer (47-47, 24′) after exchanging baskets. Bad defensive balance, not great success and Granada in the match. To the extent that Cheatham gave them their first lead In the match, he benefited from four errors in three goals and three losses. Collapse, with all the law.

Cuviran takes the helm

It is also present in large campaigns. The key to a good team is to mitigate it with everything you can. Madrid has proven itself with another appearance Campazzo, Musa and Hezonia, but Cuviran was not going to stop. Germain and his hat-trick, plus a tackle from Cristian Diaz, gave him the advantage on the scoreboard As in sensations (65-62, 30). Madrid, at its weakest after not scoring a hat-trick – on five shots – and shooting only 10 times in the third quarter.

Campazzo throws the ball.

It was an extreme and unexpected situation. Coverin wanted Granada to press and Real Madrid entered the hot zone without finding his emotions. From a distance, Hezonia and Campazzo succeeded in repelling potential attacks (70-70, 34), but were unable to get back into the match. For the leader of the first minutes in the palace.

White reaction

It was then up to Madrid to remove his captaincy. Dick worked to get some clutch free throws, and Kramer missed two consecutive 3-pointers. They should have been back in the lead, but they didn’t get there. When you open the door to Madrid, he sneaks inside. Campazzo passed the ball to Poirier and after a great ball move, Hezonia joined the goal from the outside. Red Alert for Local Residents (70-77, 35′).

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Covirán Granada had few arguments left after their heroic game, and their loss to Felicio combined with Musa’s transfer left them more than shaken. Suddenly, Chus Mateo’s men returned. Oddly enough, they were. Kramer did not give up and continued to persist through two huge breakthroughsBut Llull responded with his goal and Campazzo with another at the end of his wonderful match. He was in good and bad.

Moses spears.

It was the stronghold held by the white team, which played a match more than complicated due to the Andalusian success and the severe absence when the trio stopped entering. Less quality games are allowed in such a long season with rotation, especially when the stars Campazzo or Musa know how to perform. Leader and fear. But a leader.

data sheet

76 – Coverin Granada (13+21+31+11). Costa (9), Kramer (16), Thomas (9), Cheatham (13) and Felicio (10). Also: Konontsuk, Martinez (8), Caires (6) and Diaz (5).

83– Real Madrid (25+15+2+21). Campazzo (21), Causeur (12), Musa (15), Deck (6) and Tavares (2). And also: Rudy Fernandez, Abalde (5), Hezonja (8), Poirier (9), Llull (5) and Ndiaye.

Pavilion: Sports Palace in Granada. 8014 spectators.

Referees: García González, Padrós and Alcaraz.

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