A few minutes, but it is a giant robbery

A few minutes, but it is a giant robbery

Facundo Campazzo Play again a few minutes in a win Denver Before Phoenix Boer 130 and 126, But he had enough time to show off a few strokes of all the magic he’s taken from Real Madrid to NBA. Although he did not add points, the Argentine scored in the list with an assist and a steal very special in his team’s victory in overtime.

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First, it was time to remove, at the start of the second quarter, which was momentary Michael Malone Send Facu into the field. The determination base appeared unseen to pass the ball from Frank Kamisinki into the paint after a pass he somewhat requested from Jay Crowder. It appears on the list as a robbery, although it would have deserved coverage as the Suns Center was preparing to shoot. data? Kamysinki is 2.16 meters long, compared to 1.81 meters in Cordoba.

Campazzo added one robbery and one assist.  (USA Today)

Campazzo added one robbery and one assist. (USA Today)

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Two minutes later, Campazzo also had a great performance but because of the attack. Standing as a point guard, Penarol patiently deceived all of his rivals. JayMichal Green was asked to come out and he wasHe then fired a nice one-handed pass to Porter Jr., who just had to divert it to score another two points. Facu didn’t score points and make no attempts at the basket.

These intermittent but flashy intrusions sparked praise again Geoff Van Gondy With Argentine basketball. “I would have bought a season ticket to watch the Argentina national team game, they play beautiful basketball, no matter who plays.”, A former Dream Team coach and current NBA commentator released for ESPN.

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The great number of victory was the Nuggets Nikola Gokic, With 31 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists and three lightning balls. The Serbian Axis was once again essential in the second successive victory for his team, Who now has a positive record for the first time so far this season (7/8) and the eighth in the Western Conference. Denver will play Campazzo again on Saturday against the Suns at 23 (Argentine time).

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