Canada defeats Latvia and remains in Group H (live)

Canada defeats Latvia and remains in Group H (live)

Canada and Latvia conclude their participation in the first round of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup on Tuesday, August 29, when they meet in an attractive duel for the top of Group H of the competition, a group in which France has already surprisingly exited.

Canada arrived as favourites, having beaten France and Lebanon with multiple defeats, bolstered by the fine form of Shay Gilgios Alexander, who was one of the great figures at the World Cup. For its part, Latvia arrives with very high spirits, after its victory over the French national team in a big match, to ensure its qualification to the second round.


First Quarter:

Amazing start for Latvia! The Europeans got three hat-tricks in a row to start the match. Canada is struggling on defense.

For the first time at the FIBA ​​World Cup, Canada is not comfortable with that commitment. Latvia maintain their organization and lead thanks to four three-pointers.

Make the most of 11 Latvian points! The Europeans continue to punish with a triple. Canada has improved a bit on defense, but the offense hasn’t started yet.

Latvia made 5 triples in 10 attempts, giving them a chance to finish the first quarter with a 23-13 win. Canada is not in the game yet, and they will need to do better in the second quarter if they do not want Latvia to slip away.

Second bedroom:

The second period of the game begins.

Nikhil Alexander-Walker’s three-pointers keep Canada alive, but Arturs Zagars takes charge of holding Latvia, who lead by a maximum margin of 12 points.

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Latvia’s offense falls asleep, and Canada is finally able to take advantage of the opportunities before it. With less than two minutes left in the game, Canada is closing in on three points.

Massive basket at the end of RJ Barrett! The New York Knicks player scores on the counterattack and gives Canada a 43-42 lead, an all-time win in the first half. Canada’s top scorer Kelly Oleinik tops the list with 10 points, while Arturs Zagars tops the Latvian top scorer list with 11 points.

Third quarter:

The third commitment period begins.

Follow Take and Give in Jakarta. It seemed that Canada escaped at the beginning of the third quarter, but Latvia remained two points behind with good offensive compasses. The game for anyone.

last room:

The fourth half of the match begins in Jakarta.

Finally, the heroic resistance of Latvia, who had already lost by more than 20 points, fell to Canada, which never gave up, and who waited for the right moment to take charge of the match. Massive showing for Shay Gilgos-Alexander with 27 points.

Canada crushes Latvia after a game that was remarkably even for most of the development. Shay Gilgos-Alexander ended up being the champion, scoring no fewer than 27 points.

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