Cancellation of Haiti’s march in the People’s Democratic Republic after a government refusal – El Nacional

Cancellation of Haiti’s march in the People’s Democratic Republic after a government refusal – El Nacional

Santo Domingo: The march that was to be organized for the Haitian diaspora in the Dominican Republic this Sunday, July 9, was canceled, after the refusal of the Ministry of the Interior and the police, who warned against preventing foreigners from organizing activities that could affect society. peace, citizen security, or public order.

The note is based on the provisions of Article 122, Paragraph 1, of the General Immigration Law No. 285-04.

The march aims to ask the international community to solve the humanitarian and security crisis in neighboring Haiti.

Rev. John Henry Santana explained that the reason for the demobilization was due to it being a peaceful movement that accepted the mandate, but he said that they would actually join 67 countries such as the United States, Canada, France, England and Ecuador. Chile and 10 departments in Haiti.

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He expressed their welcome and respect for the decision of the Dominican government, but said that they were “surprised” because they had exhausted all steps to carry out the march.

“We understand the sensitivity of the situation in my country, because I am Dominican, and the legal reasons behind this decision, and we always stress that this is a peaceful and law-abiding movement,” he said.

The march was called for next Sunday, starting at 12 noon and was to start at the intersection of 27 de Febrero and Manuel de Jesús Troncoso roads, in the National District, where the Tabernacle of God Church is located.

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Given the government’s disapproval, Santana called on the country’s Haitian citizens to join through various digital platforms and social networks as worshipers in other countries would be broadcast, although he made it clear that opinions could be made from their homes and there were no formal gatherings. Call to view it digitally.

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