Golden Visa for USA: What is it for?

Golden Visa for USA: What is it for?

If you want to move or stay America And grow a professional, without going through the complicated process to get green cardThere is more visa Gold.

It contains North American country Recognize visa gold as B-5They make it available Foreign investors Contributes to economic growth America.

Under this scheme, the Investorsincluding their spouse and children below 21 years of age are eligible to apply Permanent residence By Gold Visa If they comply with the following rules:

  • Invest in a business company in the US
  • They plan to create or retain 10 permanent jobs for skilled American workers

Joe Biden Signed the legislation keeping the golden visa in effect or B-5 Until then September 30, 2027For those who invest in a non-profit business entity.

How is Golden Visa processed?

Those interested in gold visa should apply US Citizenship and Immigration Services And if approved, the Investor and his family will have two years of permanent residency in the country.

After the lapse of two years, conditions can be removed and acquired green cardThey can Live, work and study Indefinitely in America.

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