Cancer, Leo and Virgo: what awaits them in health, money and love for 2022; This says Tarot

Cancer, Leo and Virgo: what awaits them in health, money and love for 2022;  This says Tarot

Mahoney Vident Predictions issued for each sign, as far as cancerAnd Leo s Virgo He stated that 2022 would be a very good year for the people who are part of that division.

This is why Mine make it known lucky colors, Numbers to consider, especially some of them Forecasts For this year 2022.


And for the first watermark he mentioned that he rules it Luna, Sophie, sensitive and emotional, explained that they are great teachers and social leaders, explained that 2022 It will be a changing year, from renewal one example is promotion in action.

the paper Because this New Year is the year of the moon “Don’t suffer anymore, it will be the year of strength, understand that you are made of many things other than love, abundance will come.”


Magic Number: 03


Mahoney Vident It is stated that those born under the sign of Leo are made for succeedAnd they will continue to grow in every possible way. sports This year, go on a diet, reinvent yourself in work matters and don’t wait for others and train everything you want this year,” he said. Mine.

And another thing he mentioned, which is the speech of the insane, which is the Book of the Sunnah and a letter duty will be on Leo, that means they have to be more my soul And more grateful for happiness.

“the A message from the madman It is letting go of vices that can harm and discourage you in worldly life, so this year I reinvented the sign of Leo,” he said, but also added that they would have a special power to earn money.

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White color

Magic Number: 09


will dominate him Jupiter, the greatest and the best planet, cards 2022 They are the hermit and the Sun, since Virgo is the pillar of the house, this year it is very likely that he will buy real estate.

It is very important to be surrounded by good friends and a partner who is not forbidden. “Look for a partner who is complete with you one hundred percent,” he said. Mahoney.

Magic number: 20

silver color

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