Lady Gaga surprised the networks with the dance “Merlina”

Lady Gaga surprised the networks with the dance “Merlina”
Merlina’s dance is all the rage in the networks with the song Bloody Mary (TikTok ladygaga)

The “Merlina” dance Continue adding followers Tik Tokalthough the eldest daughter The Addams Locosmoves to the beat of “Goo Goo Muck”, by The Cramps in Episode 4, many users of the platform replaced the song with “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga.

The theme released in 2011 is in the music rankings and the American artist did not hesitate to upload the dance on her TikTok account to the delight of her followers. The effect was immediate and the video received thousands of comments.

The song, which is part of the “Born This Way” album, reached its highest number of views on Spotify, charting at number 26 in the Top 50: Worldwide on that platform.

Lady Gaga admits her song got a comeback thanks to her “Merlina” dance on Tiktok. For this reason, he did not hesitate to play and show his new version.

With her song “Bloody Mary”, the artist has reinvented the dance that is making networks angry

in @lady gaga She is seen sporting a “Merlina” hairdo as she puts on her makeup before dancing in front of the Addams family’s daughter to “Bloody Mary” in a slightly faster version.

Register video by name “Bloody Wednesday” And it’s viral, showering him with praise: “This is unexpected and iconic. We love you Lady Gaga,” “Nothing is more iconic than Gaga trending for her song,” “She’s the only one who can sing and dance this trend and make it iconic,” “I love you Merlina Gaga,” are Some comments left by his followers.

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