“Canelo” vs. Saunders: Pepe Aguilar stuns Mexican botanical blends in a spectacular battle

“Canelo” vs. Saunders: Pepe Aguilar stuns Mexican botanical blends in a spectacular battle
(Video: Twitter / @ TUDNMEX)

It was not just Angela Aguilar, but her father, Baby Aguilar swept on Saturday When interpreting prof Mexican dryers Before the fight Sayle “Canelo” Alvarez Against British Billy Joe Saunders at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Accompanied by his daughter, the regional Mexican singer shook not only the attendees, but all the spectators with strokes like “Mexico is beautiful and dear,” “the king,” “I am a sincere Mexican.”

Thus, at a party only in the Mexican style, the Aguilar dynasty was accompanied by Folk ballet, fireworks, and even Mariachi. Which created a completely festive atmosphere in the building.

Before the Pepe Show, his daughter Angela was also surprised by singing the Mexican national anthem.

The regional Mexican singer not only shook the crowd, but also shook all the spectators with songs like “Mexico, Nice and Dear,” “Al Rai” and “I Am Pure Mexican”. (Photo: screenshot / DAZN Boxing)

Wearing a traditional black dress and long shoulder-length hair, the young actress moved in perfect fashion which led to a standing ovation from the audience.

After being introduced, L.The singer shared what his experience was like on social networks and voiced it It was an emotional moment.

“The little angels, you don’t know the feelings you feel when you sing the national anthem With nerves on the roof Did you see us sing? “

Just a few days ago, rumors regarding the participation of the Aguilar dynasty in the fight of the acclaimed Mexican boxer were already present.

Baby AguilarHe is the father of Leonardo and Angela Presentation series opened with Boxer. Because of friendship and closeness that Canelo With Jose Antonio Aguilar. His first fight was in 2014.

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at that time, Ciel Alvarez faced Alfredo dog Angulo. The career of a fighter from Guadalajara was on the rise, so Pepe Aguilar’s show surprised some viewers. The battle was a victory for Saul With TKO in the tenth round.

Aguilera's last showing at the Battle of Alvarez was in November 2019 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Aguilera’s last showing at the Battle of Alvarez was in November 2019 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Two years later, composer Aguilar’s family again received an invitation from the former middleweight champion of World Boxing Council (WBC). Fighter, originally from Guadalajara, gave Jalisco the opportunity to Leonardo AguilarAnd the The third son of a Mexican musician, Why Will explain Mexican National Anthem In their next battle.

On 2017 when The Tapatio was measured against Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. The patriarch of the Aguilar family returned to honor the ceremony. On the Vegas theater Bibi Aguilar sang the national anthem again before the fight.

Although it was a show battle – no title. Canelo He showed his glove skill and took victory by unanimous decision.

Before tonight, as Canelo defeated his British opponent in the eighth round, Aguilera’s last performance at the Battle of Alvarez was in November 2019, When challenged Sergey Kovalev In a light heavy weight.

The one who went out to honor was the youngest daughter of the Mariachi musician, Angela Aguilar. With He barely entered the ring at the age of 16 and sang the score without any flaw. Through his Twitter account, he shared some moments from the Big Stars Night rehearsal.

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