Edwin Kaz is hospitalized in an emergency | Famous

Edwin Kaz is hospitalized in an emergency |  Famous

disturbing picture of Edwin Kaz On a stretcher and attended by a group of nurses, alarms set off among the singer’s fans and fixed set.

The photo was published on Tuesday night, December 28, from the novel by the translator Daisy Anahi’s wife, who wrote: “First of all, God, everything will be fine.”.

He added a couple of feelings: a sad face and a hand in a prayer position. Also, he tagged the artist.

What is Edwin Caz’s health condition?

Edwin Kaze’s wife She did not explain why her husband appeared to be seeking medical attention. some media They speculated that he had covid-19However, this has not been confirmed.

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 29th of the official account of Grupo Firme, a message of encouragement to its singer was published in the Instagram stories: “ #ForceEduinOn behalf of the entire team at Music Vip Entertainment and Grupo Firme.” No further details were released.

Hours before his wife posted a picture of him in the hospital, the artist shared a picture of him embracing his one-year-old daughter Geraldine, and wrote: She is as bad as her father.. They both look very wrapped in the cold.

He later warned that he is blocking some followers who, according to him, are “laughing” at his daughter. Then he posted a message in which he appeared to be saying goodbye to Instagram: “ See you in 2022. a happy New Year. love them”.

Edwin Caz has denied having covid-19

On December 23, Edwin Caz began worrying about his health by appearing on Instagram with a mask on his face that appears to be made of oxygen.

“What am I going to do with Covid! No, no, I don’t have covid, he later said in that social network, ‘My true fans know that I’m The cold is killing me because I have asthma“.

However, it is not clear whether his hospitalization was due to this condition or another reason why treatment was necessary.

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