Canilo marries at Guadalajara Cathedral and makes a noise

Canilo marries at Guadalajara Cathedral and makes a noise

Saúl Álvarez caused an uproar by marrying Guadalajara Cathedral with Fernanda Gómez

Guadalajara – Mexican fighter Say Canelo Alvarez He got married on Saturday night in his hometown of Jalisco with Fernanda Gomez, And caused a stir among the hundreds of followers gathered around Guadalajara Cathedral, accompanied by family, friends and stars.

According to various reports, Canelo married in a civil manner a few days ago, but today he did religiously.

Hundreds of guests, including singers, were expected to attend BalvinAnd the Prince RoyceAnd the Baby Aguilar s Julion Alvarez. They were going to spice up the post-pop party Blue angelsAnd the Panda Rikudo s Manna.

When I got in Canelo Alvarez To the church, fans started shouting at him, as boxer Jalisco raised his hand several times to thank them for the support they had given him.

Canelo AlvarezWho comes to knockout Billie Joe SunderTo unite the belts of the IBF, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Organization, he hopes to return in September to face the American Caleb Factory, the king of the International Boxing Association, on his way to becoming the undisputed class champion.

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