Capricorn, Today’s Horoscope February 25, 2023: Think collectively

Capricorn, Today’s Horoscope February 25, 2023: Think collectively

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CapricornMercury entering your 11th house allows you to think like a tactician, devising plans to harness the talents of team members with a common goal that unites them, your horoscope says.

Day forecast

The Moon in the 5th house fills your motivation to work and implement your plans, so you need to use this energy in tasks that create solid income structures, businesses that turn a profit quickly.


You’re not dealing with the intense emotional burden that Venus in your 5th house asks of you, so you need to know how to manage your emotional life in a mature manner so you don’t fall into toxic attitudes that you’ll regret later.


The evils you have been carrying for a long time and the diseases of your childhood will reappear. The body sends you a bill for past excesses. It’s time to get a medical check-up to prevent them from getting worse in the future.


Although you deserve all that you have achieved, Mercury tells you that you still have a long way to climb on the road to success for your maximum professional expression. Take advantage of this momentum, but rest for a while first.


Although Saturn in the 3rd house should be full of confidence in your thoughts, you should know how to adapt your plans to the changing environment and only then will you achieve the financial reward you desire.

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Pair prediction

Beware of falling into your own trap. The ideas and imaginations that your mind expands do not always correspond to what is felt in the other person’s heart. Instead of making assumptions, it’s better to let time pass to gain a better perspective.


Love: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Friendship: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Work: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Sexual energy: Good

Today’s information

You should use this period to coordinate your actions with your colleagues and collaborators so that their work as a team is improved and profits are increased for all.

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