Antuna analyzes the US deal; Signing of Penalties and Salary Delays

Antuna analyzes the US deal;  Signing of Penalties and Salary Delays

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The Agreement come in Sivas and USA To him Exchange By Uriel Antuna and Sebastian Cordova It was over but Function not closed Because the herd still player does not agree with some Subsections Of Contract Proposed by order of Eagles.

In Subsections That Are under analysis By the player The discipline there At the club Azulgrima where they are Expensive fines for violating any regulation, As well as some bonuses from his performance on the field.

The Penalty for immorality And other They are not discussed in Copa, All players on the team also have these restrictions on their contracts.

Antuna According to the wishes of Santiago Solari, The strategist understands that the characteristics of the Mexican national team are not on his team, which is why he had to recognize the change, he did not think about it.

Will Antunna reach 11th place in US Open?

If El Brujo comes to Copa, he will not do so as a starter. Need to earn space Competing With Renado Ibarra and Leonardo Suarez If they are with another element that may come from within the company or from abroad.

Within that Eagles They are packed Hope about what Antuna will accept all conditions They hope to end their participation next week with the Mexican national team in a friendly against Chile in Austin, Texas.

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